A Little Lovin’ Going on

Love Penguin

“Will you be my Valentine?”

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!

This little love penguin got sent off to a lucky girl the other day. Her boy messaged me for this custom order, and he seemed so sweet about how perfect he wanted him to be for his girlfriend. I hope neither of them is disapointed! He turned out cute, but man he was a hassel. I used my preexisting penguin pattern, but the order wanted him to be 6″ tall, with thicker yarn. Should’ve been an easy adjustment, right? Wrong. I spent a whole day making these adjustments to the pattern! I really want to learn embroidery. I had to use felt letters for the “Be Mine” after a few embroidery FAILS. His beak looks crooked to the side in the picture, that’s just the angle or else I would’ve been totally OCD and redone the whole thing. Maybe. Okay probably not…All n’ all, I like the results, I hope this lil’ red penguin has a safe trip home!

I was searching through some of my old poems today, and round one that really caught my eye. The poem is about a girl who is trying so hard to get this boy’s affection. Simple, right? Here it is:

The Girl who’s Chasing a Rainbow

Chloe knows where Skyler is,

out in the ripping rain

with glass bulbs and dead fuses

thinking this meant love

to the one who took it from him

like lightning to the lips.

Now he is a transparent fog

a sheer screen

since his colors have dissolved

in pools of gray depression.

Still Chloe’s smitten smile

fruit freckles, and dew eyes

followed him even admiring

the blue knot within his chest.

She put petals in his notebooks,

crystal pebbles in his pockets,

fresh sun rays in glass jars,

whatever treasure could match

the one who owned all the hues

as a living kaleidoscopre.

She knows he smashes her jars

with hammers and crowbars,

burns her petals in

the bath of an ashtray,

throws the crystals to sink

into the horizion.

So she’ll try envelopes

holding the scraps of

blooming galaxies,

a bottle of butterfly scents,

or the paper from  moondust.

She’s sure he will

eventually discover a new shade

and name it after her

when he places it in the sky.

(Argh, my WordPress layout didnt let me add extra spaces between my poem stanzas, LAME!). I really liked it when I wrote it, but now after being in this poetry class, I feel like my current poetry now is being corupted. I used to write certain poems because I liked the way they sound, not so focused on the “Why” “What does this mean” “What is this poem saying about the world around us” like my mind is being programed by my current poetry class. I don’t really like this new mindset. I feel some poems can only sound pretty, to not have to have a life changing viewpoint, and if the author decided to use the color blue, it is not because blue symbolizes depresseion and sorrow, maybe the author just liked the color blue! If my professor saw this poem he’d critic it soooooo bad, when I have no claims of it supposed to make perfect sense, I honestly just like the images that come to mind, I’m a huge visual person. But blah, my poetry professor sucks. /end rant./

Anywho, a post about a love penguin and a (somewhat) love poem!

🙂  Going to finish my last 2 (bald) Mini dolls. I found three cute rolls of fabric at Meijer for less than $2, just enough to make about 12 dresses per roll!

Bye-bye, thanks for stopping by to read my 100th Blog Post, WHOOHOO~ 😀

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