Millie’s Minis :)

(left to right) Molly, Tia, Tiffany, Minnie

(left to right) Molly, Tia, Tiffany, Minnie

*Phew* Feels good to finally have some of these minis done and in my shop! Really, why did it take so long just to do their hair, I sat down to finish them this afternoon and in 5 minutes I knew what styles I wanted for them. Thank you creativity for returning, even if you’re late. Originally I wanted these out waaaaay before Valentine’s day, but pink is always a popular color, they can be for Easter or Spring or whatever holiday is next!

I still have 2 unfinished bodies to do, and now when I go to craft stores I’m on the look out for colorful fabric and lace.  Although, I have no idea where I’m going to put it all! My yarn bundles have escaped my yarn bin, now decorating my already jam packed shelf and even a giant shoe box on my floor. Fabric is creeping from scrap bag, now residing in another overflowing shoe box or better yet, somehow keeps ending up wrapped in my covers. Not to mention all the felt, felt is EVERYWHERE. Pillows, clothes, carpet, I have actually found fabric scraps on my staircase and through the house!  Crafting is taking over–but its not big enough for all this!

So yuuup, these four dolls are back at my shop, yay! Now to random musings of the day:

Life is peachy. School is great, although I’m starting to notice a lot of my class mates are a little quirky. But that’s what makes them interesting I guess. I don’t really talk to anyone, besides my previous group presentation partner who is also in my poetry class. I don’t really make an effort to reach out, there goes my hermit-keeptomyself-idon’treallyknowhowtotalktoyou side kicking in.

Poetry is quickly becoming my least favorite class not only because of the teacher, or his teaching style, but the poetry workshops. Each week a group has to share their poem to the class and we critic them. They should not allow me to critic poetry — I AM RUTHLESS! After working as a volunteer editor for a literary magazine, I had to learn to be very blunt in criticing the poetry submissions. The slightest things would be debated over with the other editors, like “Why is this period there?” “This word is out of place” “That line ruins the whole poem!” I can’t shake these blunt feelings when I’m not recreationally reading poems. I try so hard to soften the tone for my peers, I’m not sure how my criticism is received..personally, I wish my peers would be blunt when they did my poem, I WANT to know what they thought was 100% BAD or what I can do to improve, I guess everyone isn’t like me in that regard.

What new things can I crochet? More Minis that don’t take almost a month to make (I hope).  OH! The lovely MeepingKoala from the blog Lollipops and Rainbow nominated me for The Reader Appreciation Award, THANK YOU *insert BIG HUG here!* She also gave me my last award, please check her out she is so whimsical 🙂  For now I’m gong to enjoy looking out my window– we finally have snow that illuminates the ground at night, so pretty to stare at!

🙂 Hope everyone is having a great Feb, and anticipating a lovely Valentine’s Day. TTFN, Ta ta for now~!

9 thoughts on “Millie’s Minis :)

  1. Meeping Panda?! I am most certainly not a panda! Unless I mysteriously developed black-and-white markings in the night . . .
    KOALA!!! Koala! The Meeping Koala! THAT’S what I am! Yay! I’m not an undiscovered Panda anymore! What IS a panda anyway? XD

    Of the Minis you have, my favorite is Minnie! She’s just so CUTE.

    And if you’re wanting colorful lace, watch my blog, for I might be doing a giveaway soon . . . *hint, hint*

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