Almost there!


Millie’s Minis (has a nice ring to it, wouldn’t you say?) are taking longer than anticipated (probably because my devotion to them has been sparatic). I’m happy that I’m almost done, just two more dresses, and then I have to figure out what kind of hair styles to put on their bald little heads!

I want each doll to have different hair styles, but I’m so uncreative at this time I can’t figure out what I want them to look like, I really need to finish though, I kinda wanted them to be Valentine’s Day themed! And Feburary first is today, yikes time crunch!

I am getting a little less sloppy on their fabric dresses. I have to admit: I WISH I COULD DO MORE! I’d love for them to have little shirts and pants sometimes. I only have 2 main sources of fabric and a few scraps that are about 6×9 inches. Perhaps I will invest in more fabric? A yard of fabric would probably last a nice length of time 🙂

I tried crocheting a little dress for one of them, and turned out disastorous! Super frustrating I had a cute design that was poorly executed. Ever had one of those moments? Terribly frustrating for a crafter!

Well I have got to get up early for class and should probably study for my Lingsuistics test.


6 thoughts on “Almost there!

  1. To make shirts and pants, you could change colors in strategic places. Y’know? So for pants, you would (and here I’m assuming that you crochet from the head down) start with blue (or any other color) at the waist, crochet down till the legs are done, and switch back to brown or tan or whatever for the feet!

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