A Trip to Mitsuwa

Japanese greatness!

Japanese goodies

Mitsuwa – a little piece of Japan in the suburbs. An extremely small piece but enough to have an awesome trip there with my boyfriend. Mitsuwa is a large Japanese supermarket. Not only do they sell groceries, but there is a  movie store, 6 different restaurants, bakery, cell phone company, tea pot/glass ware store, and our favorite, the book  store.  The seven items on the right all came from that one giant magazine, at an insanely low price! I got this adorable pen, planner, stickers, Miku Hatsune cards, and DVD for about $8. The only down side is, as awesome as it was to get an authentic Japanese comic book magazine, I can’t read a thing. I recognize certain characters (all the hirigana, some katakana), but couldn’t tell you what word it is or let alone complete a full sentence!

Yet, ignorance is bliss. I love my magazine and planner. I got my bf a magazine too that had a CD and a all the hundred of pages were full color, it looked really nice. I hope to go back another day, although it is about an hour away from my house. What a fun day though!

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