Presenting Prince Shining Armor and Princess Cadence!

Shining Armor Princess Cadence plush

Who didn’t love the My Little Pony Season Two finale with the Royal Wedding of the Prince and Princess?
Probably anyone who doesn’t watch the show.

But no matter! That episode caused fans to shed tears believe it or not. I got an order to crochet these two love birds.

Princess Cadence


Shining Armor

And so far this has been the “newest” thing I’ve been able to crochet.


My Etsy shop has been booming thanks to Christmas shoppers! The most popular of all have been the pony plushies, but I have sold my own designs as well. Lately as soon as I finish an order, I get another. Yesterday I made 12 toys and still have 7 more to make. My fingers are going to fall off. Yet I am super happy, thank you holidays!

Things will likely die down come January, I can focus on my previous plans to present my work to stores. And work on focusing on seasonal themes, which I have never been very good at but I’ve got a boyfriend who is pretty creative and been helping me a lot. Is it too early to be thinking of Easter items?

A week from today my parents packed their bags and flew away to Nevada. I am restlessly waiting for that reality to hit me. I know my parents are gone, can’t say I feel it yet. I realize they moved into a new house, but I keep feeling it is just in another town that is like an hour away. I don’t feel like they are states away. Atleast not yet. I give it a month before I”l be really feeling the distance. I need to teach them how to Skype!

How is everyone else doing? I have soooooooooo many blogs to catch up on!
Any big projects for the holidays?
Either way, hope all is well.

🙂 Catch you later gators!





2 thoughts on “Presenting Prince Shining Armor and Princess Cadence!

  1. WooHoo! Awesome your Etsy store has been found and you are selling your cute custom made items. Your boyfriend, great guy that he is, has a good head on his shoulders and a big heart. Willing to help you in your business and not get all bent out of shape about all the time you spend with your “toys”. Your Christmas day will be different this year without your parents near. I hope you enjoy the season.


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