New Home, New Love, Old Habits

Hello to all, I have returned!

😀 Wow, that was a nice absence I had, huh? Well, actually I think it’s been a little over a week since I’ve checked into WordPress but it seems like ages ago when I look back on all that is changed. I feel like a new person.

new bed room super messy blah

I was extremely lucky (some might say “blessed”) to have found a new home. I found a woman who rents rooms in her house. It is in a suburb I used to live in as a child, close to my family and friends, extremely affordable rent. She lives here with her daughter, her daughter’s best friend, and another girl roommate. And now, me! The house is built really weird, somehow a perfect set up for renters. I have access to everything: living room, kitchen, garage, backyard, everything. The house is beautiful, spacious, and extremely clean. I live in the attic that has been transformed into a cozy room that is more space than I could ask for. The picture makes my room look small, but I measured it out of curiosity and the dimensions are 25′ 5” x 11′ 6”. This isn’t even the biggest room, I have the second smallest. I love it up here. The “A” ceilings make me feel like I’m in my own little cubby or cave that is so warm and homely. This feels like home. My room is a little messy, I don’t have a closet so I keep reorganizing where to stack things on the side. The majority of the clothes are by my staircase entrance in a bunch of plastic drawers.

I quickly fell head over heels with my room. Now, if only I could get my room mates to love me. Not that they hate me, the landlord’s daughter, N for short is really nice. She always talks to me and I’ve had the most conversations with her. Her friend J is equally nice. I only see them if they are in the kitchen since their rooms are in the front of the house, and the only way to get to my room is by the back of the house. The other roommate, S seems to be thrown off by me. I hardly see her, but when I do I am always the first one to say something, and I miserably attempt to make polite conversation. I get one word answers. Not very good for me who is already super shy.

The third night I was here S complained to everyone else saying I was too loud  (I probably was, I had two friends over and we were celebrating my new place). I wish she would’ve told me. Way up here I have no idea what she can and can’t hear from her room. So now I’m always walking on egg shells, not wanting to disturb her because I’m afraid it’ll cause problems. I feel better though when the other room mates tell me not to worry, she’s very over dramatic. Besides, N’s room borders the other half of my room and she says she never hears anything. I’ll keep playing it safe anyway. I don’t want to be put out of my new home. I really, really like it here. I’m the youngest in the house, and generally all the other room mates are friends and know the same friends for years, yet I’d still like them to like me. Its scary meeting so many new people though. I hope it goes okay.

Yikes has my love life been insanity. In a nutshell:

Past few months I have been having problems with my bf. After an impulsive action, things started breaking apart. I started doing some serious evaluation of our relationship, and realized so many things that weren’t right, negative things that I just noticed, and things I could no longer ignore. We broke up a few days ago. He ended the conversation with a nasty comment that showed his true personality.

Among all the unhappiness going on with my bf, I found an undeniable connection with my friend. I re-met him after 7 years of being a part, at a Halloween garage show last month. He was NOT the reason my bf and I broke up, but he has been there to help me through it, and told me he would patiently wait if I wanted to be with him when I’m ready. My friends say when I’m around him I’m ME again, and not second guessing what I say or having a boyfriend who dictates the conversation or covers your mouth when he thinks you’re opinion is wrong.

I am happy to be slowly finding myself again. Today I had time to start crochet again! I have a few orders in my shop that need to be sent out, after I find out where a post office is. I have started designing a few new toys, I can’t wait to get back to work, I have missed my yarn so much!

It’s getting late here. I am supposed to meet up with my friend who gets off work at midnight. For the past week we have spent every night together eating pizza till the crack of dawn and watching random movies or playing PS3. I don’t know if I’ll make it tonight, I’m pretty pooped.

❤ Can’t wait to show you yarn creations again, until next time stay warm and keep being as happy as you can!



4 thoughts on “New Home, New Love, Old Habits

  1. So glad you found a place! It definitely looks cozy. Sorry to hear about your bf, but it sounds like things are falling into place. Looking forward to seeing what new yarn creations you are working on!

  2. That is really great news; your room looks lovely and reminds me of my old house. Sounds like S is to be avoided as much as possible, and if that can’t be managed, then ignored as much as possible! Sounds like you’re going into a really good period – long may it last, you deserve it 🙂

  3. Congrats Millie! I’m so excited for you as you journey in this new phase in life! I hope your new relationship grows and flourishes! Have a wonderful Christmas!!

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