Do not Disturb – Hotel Blogging

Home Sweet Hotel is what I’ll be singing for the next few weeks.

After a some complicated days, we are 70% done with this whole ordeal. Although I have to admit, today would’ve  been a wreck if my two friends hadn’t pulled through for me. It really makes me realize that I have extremely reliable friends and I’m so happy to have them in my life.

Buuuuut let me re-wind back a bit:

Monday by far was the worst day ever during this moving thing. First off, the morning was dreary since the night before was chaotic. My boyfriend’s mom told my boyfriend she changed her mind, she didn’t want me to move in. Instead she wants him to move out and me and him get a place. My boyfriend didn’t handle this news too well, causing an explosive fight to break out between the two — while I was on the speaker phone.

At 11 I went to check out what I thought would be my new rented room home. Come to find out the place was DIS-GUS-TING. Molding walls, ceiling tiles missing, faucets missing, rusty shower, a dark, dank, dust ridden house. Plus the renter, oh boy, all his cookies weren’t in his cookie jar, if you know what I mean. Total weirdo, who was incredibly rude, inconsiderate, and had the nerve to get mad at my stepdad for asking if the faucet would get fixed. To think this guy had 3 other renters, yikes!

The realization that I failed to find a place of my own hit hard. As I started to cheer up once I got a phone call. I was scheduled for an interview, that day, they really wanted me to come in. I was ecstatic! Until I looked up the address…the job was 3 hours away. How my application ended up there was a total accident. So I had to call back and cancel, talk about a slap in the face!

The icing on the cake had to be getting an email from my professor explaining that I’d missed the unit test and assignment – 50 points total. At least my mental break down was quick.

Now fast-forward to the present!

Moving day! Started off alright, stress level was borderland high since my paranoid mother kept commanding me to do 10 things around the house, then complaining that I wasn’t working on emptying my room. After the day before of her constantly nagging me to invite people to help us, she calls one of her friends who helps us move things into the truck. He basically did most of the work by the time my two guy pals showed up to lend a hand. By then all the heavy furniture was what was left, and a few boxes. At first I felt awful they had come all that way to help (each about +30 min drive to get there) but I was SO HAPPY they did!

They kept the atmosphere fun, full of laughter from not only me but my stressed parents. The jokes kept coming and it was the best time working with them both. We took a lunch break and the fun continued, especially when we were looking for Jersey Mike’s when three GPS’ gave us three different addresses. A lil while after lunch my friend had to go to work, but my other friend stayed with us til 5, helping us move the stuff in the huge Uhaul truck into our storage room. He was amazing, I can’t thank both of them enough.

My guy friends helping me really helped squish my hidden sadness. About the whole move, our house officially gone, and the situation with my boyfriend. I really wanted him to come help me out today, I haven’t seen him in a while either. But last night when I asked him, he said no, he had work. At 4 in the afternoon. Why couldn’t he make it? He said he was “tired, and stressed, so needed to drink tonight.” Keep in mind he’s had the last 3 days off, worked a 5 hour shift yesterday evening. My one guy friend who showed up today got off work at 2 a.m. and had work at 3 p.m. but still came. My other friend didn’t get to bed until 3 either. They are further away. Yet my bf couldn’t come. I was pretty hurt by that. My friends were outraged too. Probably not a good idea to tell them. -_-

We didn’t arrive to our hotel room until midnight, and we still have to get up early to finish a few things. It’s not so bad here. There’s a separate bedroom, kitchen, and living room with pull out couch. Decent size. No major complaints, I’ve lived in a hotel before. Only sucky part is the bathroom is in their bedroom, so I can’t just go as I please. Tomorrow my yarn, felt, and buttons will be traveling here. I can’t wait to get back on my crochet path!

❤ I’m still hanging in there!

I am ready to keep moving on and finding a place to call home. Thanks for checking up on me and this new adventure I’m going on. Hopefully it will include more crochet though!

6 thoughts on “Do not Disturb – Hotel Blogging

  1. Good that you had some reliable friends to help with your move and uplift your spirits. Change is never easy, big changes are hard. You’ll do well and this will be a memory that you can laugh about later.


  2. I believe everything that happens to us is designed to make us better and stronger people. Nevertheless, I hope things get better for you very soon!

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