Hmm, Sure been Quiet ’round Here!

And I apologize for that.
I haven’t really had time to create anything new, and that really breaks my heart! Most of my days the past week are spent online applying for jobs, looking for rooms to rent, or doing homework.  Or seeing my friends because it blows off a ton of stress. Recently my housing plans have been falling through.

Plan A: Last Sunday I was almost sure I had a place to stay, I checked out a room two minutes away from my house and met the guy and things seemed hopeful. Later that day I sent him an email with final questions, and then confirmed for sure I wanted the room. I was so relieved!—-that is until I didn’t hear back from him. I tried emailing again, and calling and leaving a voicemail. A week later I receive an email with this small sentence:

“I’ve decided to rent the room to another, good luck.”

That was it. And it was a lie because the room is still being renewed and relisted on Craigslist and the local paper. My mom thinks he was nervous about having one of his tenants be female with a house full of 2 males. Plan A: Rejected.

Plan B: I tried another local room that was for rent, and the man is completely convinced that because I am 22 I will be “too young” to handle living with others, that he likes his house “quiet with little traffic.” I understand that and tried to explain to him how simple my lifestyle is, staying indoors crocheting, reading, online, and occasionally going out to see friends or just to whatever future job I have.

He didn’t seem to want to risk it, near the end of the conversation he repeatedly insisted I think of him as a last option, he usually didn’t rent to such “young locals and most tenants only stay 3-5 days of the week.” I was pretty offended. Plan B: Out the Window.

Plan C: Move in with my boyfriend. Not my favorite plan, and certainly not my first choice, but at this point I have no other options. House closes next Friday, and nothing has been moved out yet! It would be my bf, his mom, and his 12-year-old brother in a townhouse. As much as I love and adore my bf, I’m scared out of my mind. Living with boyfriends/girlfriends is risky and can put a strain on a relationship, not to mention with a parent still there and a spoiled rotten sibling. My plan is to use this as short as possible, and still look for rooms to rent before the possibility of something going wrong.

My parents aren’t really happy with this, but I can’t blame them. The first time I’ll be away from them and living with a boyfriend. I love them for accepting this for what it is though, being supportive, and not totally freaking out on this possible living arrangement. I just want this all to be over. I want to get back to all my crochet plans, and find a job. Plan C: WIP.

The Good Things Goin’ On: I am very excited at the possibility of being part of a craft fair at a near by elementary school! I emailed them my application and hope they like what they see, I really want to experience being part of a fair and seeing in person other’s reactions to my work. I don’t care if I only sell one thing, if they stop and look I’ll feel accomplished. I also want to get back to my plans of putting my work in shops. I still have my last few plans drawn out and I’ll be ready to go once I’m settled wherever else my new home is.

This Thursday I got a small feature on the adorable blog called Actually its only a picture of my penguin couple but I’m pleased 🙂 She selects various cute items from shops all over the internet, if you like cute check her out. I have another blog that will feature me next week, oooh excitement! Gotta keep my head up, its been a stressful month for my family but have to do what needs to be done.

Hopefully I will be back soon with new things to share and new stories. ❤
Have a good weekend everyone!

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