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Mrs M Makes

I promised a giveaway when I reached 100 followers, and now I’m there! As this is a blog about my makes, I’m giving away things you can use to make something.

You all know I’m a button fan, so how about these:


12 wooden painted flower buttons


20 cute bear head buttons


2 of both heart and star shaped plastic buttons in yellow, pink, purple and blue.

I also like beads.


A string of coloured beads


Wooden painted beads (two different colours and sizes)


Four polymer flower beads

What about ribbon?


You could have 1m of each of the ribbons above.

For those of you who like direction in what you make, how about these?


A Fizzy Moon Christmas card kit (complete with chart of course!).


The Art of Crochet Issue One


Complete with the dvd, crochet hook and some wool.

Apologies for the dark photos – I’m only…

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