More “Bitter” than “Sweet”

Finally happened. My parents came back from vacation to tell me that the house has been sold since Friday.

Well then….

My parents are determined I move with them. What part of “I DONT WANT TO MOVE TO NEVADA” do they not understand? They keep making things harder on me. Ever since my parents divorced its been moving here and moving there. I finally have a way to make a decision and CHOOSE to move or not. I really don’t want to go. I love it here in Illinois, this is my home. I love everything about this state and its humid summers cold winters the suburbs, the city, the landscape the people I love, everything is here. And when I’m ready to go, I certainly don’t want to go to Nevada. Not that its a bad place, just not my dream location. 

Now my mom is talking to my dad who I’m supposed to live with. Now he wants me to move with them. Even though 4 months ago he said I was more than welcome to live with him. Great. 

Today is going to suck even more. I’m afraid at 22 I’ll be kicking and screaming being dragged across the states. 

7 thoughts on “More “Bitter” than “Sweet”

  1. So sorry to hear about your struggles, m’dear. I’m moving to Florida (I’m from the Midwest, too!) next month for graduate school and more photography opportunities, so I understand how you feel. Moving is scary, leaving the people you love is scary, change in general is just plain scary. I’m only 25 but when I was 22 I remember those fears of change being that much more intense, because after high school and college so many changes happen way too fast and oftentimes all at once. Some are bad, some are good, but you will find what works for you. Although it’s hard to hear now, no matter if you choose to move or stay in Illinois, whatever choice you make will only make you stronger, wiser, and more prepared for all the other crazy changes and adventures you’ll face as you get older.

    You GOT this! Don’t be afraid – do what you love: stay, go, find a place to call home and make it your own. The wonderful thing about being an adult is that you can go anywhere and be whoever you want. Heck, you could go to Nevada for one month, hate it, move back, and decide you want to move to Europe. Who knows!

    Keep us reader posted on your plans 🙂

    • Kedar, thank you so much for you comment!
      🙂 Sometimes I can forget that I’m not the only person who has ever been faced with this dilemma, and there are different ways to view this. I tend to be a tad overdramatic when I first hear news that I don’t like, I let my emotions take over and override all reason.
      After my little freak out earlier, I realized I have a wonderful best friend and boyfriend who have offered to help me anyway they can. Yet I’m also searching for positives if I do have to move with my parents. Unexpected things happen in life, thats what keeps things interesting, right?
      Who know’s what’s going to happen the next few weeks, but I’ll just do what I can.
      Thanks again, helped a lot! 🙂

  2. I don’t know where you are in Illinois, but we are in Chicago area and may be looking for a roommate. Finding one via blog has to be less weird than finding one via Craigslist. Haha. Good luck. I can sympathize with you and your parents, since my daughter doesn’t want to move any more but I have to go where the work takes me.

    • Oh really? I’m actually in the suburbs surrounding Chicago. Small world, even within the blogging community! We are in a weird prediciment right now, but I know my parents and stepparents just want what is best. I was overly dramatic about the situation this morning, but now I can think and see both sides clearly. Thanks for your kind comment 🙂

  3. It is understandable to freak out, panic, and even cry; I do that. Hopefully things will change to suit your life. But if you end up moving, don’t live your life angry and bitter or you will regret it later.
    Best of luck!

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