Dina and Sawyer are Ready for Snow

My tiny dinos!

To continue my season skipping spree, I created Dina and Sawyer (ahahaha, cheesy word play on “dinosaur”).


Dina and her brother Sawyer don’t agree on much. She has no problem playing with her dolls and baking cookies with Mama T-Rex all day. But when winter comes she can’t resist throwing on her cozy winter gear and having a snow ball fight with her big brother. The super competitive sports fan Sawyer hates to admit it, but he really does have fun playing with his sister (although, that doesn’t mean he’ll go easy on her.) When the battle is done, no matter who is victorious they make peace by creating snow dino’s together.

I’m happy with the way Dina and Sawyer turned out, I’ve been raving about making dinosaur amigurumis for a while. Yet, I originally had in mind to make a Brontosaurus or Triceratops. I tried, oh gosh did I spend a few hours trying to make a pattern, and got super frustrated and took the easy way out and made T-Rexs with a previous pattern. Eventually I want to make larger versions of Dina and Sawyer, and I WILL create a Brontosaurus and triceratops pattern that will make me proud!

Other crafts have been coming along…..slowly that is. -_- I NEED SEWING HELP!
I have been practicing using my sewing machine, but the more I practice the worse I seem to get and the more I seem to jam the machine or get fabric caught or the bobbin pops out or some other mishap. What am I doing wrong argh… >.<
On the plus side, I got purple yarn so I can make myself a a purple Gameboy Color bag 🙂 I’ll probably use it as my DS Lite case since I don’t really have one and I have been re-addicted to my DS games. I need to finish getting my research together to present my work to botiques, I’ve kinda been prolonging ^^;; I tend to be very confident in myself at the beginning, then it starts to dwindle away with time. I just have to keep at it, this is really something I want to do, gotta get my head back in the game!

Whelp, what am I about to do now? I guess school work. 🙂 Later everyone!


4 thoughts on “Dina and Sawyer are Ready for Snow

  1. Awww! Your dinosaurs are so cute! I haven’t even attempted any dinosaur or dragons yet! You’re doing great Millie! Be excited about your work and others will become excited too! It’s contagious! I have a sewing machine too and a great way to learn would be from YouTube videos! That way you can actually see what’s going on and learn by observation. I know I learn best that way, its how I learned to amigurumi! You’ll get the hang of it quickly! 😀

    • 😀 Thanks a ton Denae~~
      Funny thing is, I went to use my sewing machine yesterday and somehow I managed to get it to work perfectly, not a single knot or machine jam, it was really weird but I’m excited! I always underestimate the power of YouTube, thanks for suggusting that. I’m probably going to look up some tutorials 🙂

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