I’m Season Skipping, Now onto Winter!

Not that I don’t have a huge love for the fall season, but I’m seriously lacking inspiration for fall themed amigurumi. I got my head start this weekend.

What’s cuter than dancing penguins?

Meet Bow and Suits the dance loving penguins! Bow glides across the stage with her cute tutu and elagent ballet moves, while Suits likes making a lot of noise with his tap dancing. The only thing they like better than dancing, is dancing with one another (aww ❤ ).  Bow’s tutu comes off with a button i attached to the back, and Suits’ top hat is removable. As usual with amigurumi I make with this pattern (same one I used for my Ice Cream Bunny), I added my signature two felt hearts on them. My next character is a classic holiday grump:

“You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch~!”

Who on this Earth (or atleast in the USA) hasn’t seen Dr. Seuss’ Grinch Who Stole Christmas? Has to be my all time favorite winter character ever, especially the Jim Carry adaptation. I decided to make him because of his charming personality, and the extreme lack of amigurumi love for this green grump, he’s so classic he needs more fan art! One day I hope to actually make him, but I’m happy with my chibi version and in his signature fake Santa Claus outfit, with removable hat of course. As usual everyone is up for adoption at my Etsy store.

I had 2 more amigurumis to make, but only half started one. Can anyone guess what it is:

“What am I?”

Here’s a hint:
“I don’t eat grain, only meat
You’ve seen me before, but we wont get a chance to meet
I’m really tall and pretty strong
I’ll probably rawr at the end of this song!”

Ahahaha, hahahar, lol. Okies a little poem for everyone too (not my best).
Everyone out there been good, peachy, fine and dandy?
._. I start only classes tomorrow, yet I still have to buy my books, argh. A week ago I got a potential job offer, the manager said after her training she’d be going through the applications and calling for interviews. She said she’d be back this week, is Tuesday to early to call and harass her to give me an interview?? I’ll try to be patient. Until Thursday, then I’m calling Friday.

That is all from Millie! I’m going to buy my textbooks then finish my last two amigurumis. Sayonara, bye-bye, adios! ❤

6 thoughts on “I’m Season Skipping, Now onto Winter!

  1. If that’s not supposed to be the Cheshire cat, then you really should make one because it would be absolutely adorable! Love the penguins too.

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