Play Food for the Nephew

Thanks to my nephew having a full on meltdown in a Toys R’ Us store one lovely afternoon, his parents had no doubt what he wanted for his upcoming birthday. Once I found out he was getting a high tech part kitchen, part store front, part bakery play set with working lights, sounds, dry erase board and functioning cabinets, I knew what I was getting him: play food of course!

I went with my friend ( for those of you who don’t know, my “nephew” is actually just my best friend’s child but she gave graciously gave me the title of an aunt) to buy it and already I was looking in the aisle at the plastic and cardboard play food and I’ll admit I got an arrogant streak claiming, “Oh, I can crochet a cuter apple than that! That cupcake? It doesn’t even LOOK like a cupcake!!” Okay so I let things get to my head, but I’m pretty satisfied with what I managed to make in a short amount of time.


Everything’s a decent size, the smallest mushroom is 2” and the ice cream cone is 6” and all squishy. I completely winged the ice cream, lollipop, sandwich, juice box, mushrooms, and watermelon. The rest I found at the amazingly huge collection of patterns at Crochet Pattern Central. I’ve already made more play food than he has in his kitchen set, and I still wanted to add a breakfast and dinner set. But I was on a time crunch, plus my mom is pretty furious he’s getting all these toys for free and has been on my case all week. I wish I had a heads up on this, I really wanted to add cute little faces to the food 🙂 yet I’m low on black plastic eyes, and the felt one’s would come off too easily for him.

My case of sniffles has tremendously lightened, but I’ve still got the rattled cough and its mucus companion (ew). My allergies and the suddenly cool weather has made this cold overstay its welcome.  The weather will be a high of 52 degrees Saturday, so for the first time ever the party will be hosted inside only, and usually an outragous amount of people show. With my claustrophobia, my ability to become increasingly awkward when around large groups of people, plus the amount of drama going on between both of my friend’s family and friends, I’m a tad worried. Maybe I’ll just hide in my nephew’s play room the whole time >.> *sigh* (I honestly  hate large parties, I’ve always preferred to be with small groups of my close friends.) But only for my nephew do I put up with this every year, (that and the food, I LOVE the food!)

Enough of that, hope all you bloggers are enjoying the changing season, the changing leaves do look beautiful. Fall is my favorite time of the year, plus I love those days of snuggling in sweaters and fuzzy toe socks with a cup of tea. Have a great weekend everyone! ❤


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