Bad Case of the Sniffles

I’ve got it all- the sore throat runny nose stuffy nose sinus pressure headaches random body aches chills sweats drowsiness everything. Literally 6 hours after my last blog post that Saturday morning I noticed my throat feeling funny, by that evening when my boyfriend stopped by (he’s best friends with my best friend’s husband)(they actually set us up) I was clinging to him saying I didn’t feel good. Next morning I could barely talk, I had the chills, and had to go home asap, not wanting to risk getting my 2 year old nephew sick before his big birthday bash this upcoming Saturday. Since returning home, as usual my mom has quarantined me in my room and following me with a can of Lysol whenever I am allowed to emerge.

Here I am, 3 in the morning with a massive head ache and unable to fall back asleep. A perfect time to blog!

Bun Buddies are back!

Last week I added a few more Bun Buddies to my shop. They were my first ideas for an original amigurumi series, and yet currently the smallest series…thought they could use some lovin’. I think the cow is my favorite, probably because of the pastel colors!


My latest dolly, Hana (pronounced “Hah-nah”). I think the more I make dolls, the more ideas I get for new ones! With Hana I tried adding decorations to her dress, a new way to do her skirts (did double/triple crochet stitches) and the use of ribbon. I call her Hana for now because “Hana” means “Flower” in Japanese. Although she has absolutely no connection to Japanese culture, I like the name. Will probably change it, but for now she is my little Hana! Sorry for the bad picture quality, I had to use my room lighting to take the picture since I’m too achy to pull out my lighting kit.

From Left to Right: Opal, Rarity, Fluttershy, Angel

My first custom My Little Pony order. Basically the order was for the two ponies Rarity and Fluttershy along with their pets. This set should be somewhere in the United Kingdom by now. The bit challenge was that stupid cat! Getting her upside down triangle head shape was a pain in my hands! She must’ve taken me 20 tries of writing and scribbling out patterns. Finally in a crochet rage I free handed and viola-had the perfect shape, without writing the pattern. Go figure. I absolutely refuse to make another cat like that again!

LOVE my knitted hat!

Last week my giveaway prize from CandleOwlKnits‘s blog arrived. A beautiful dusty-rose colored super soft and cozy knitted slouch hat! I, LOVE, THIS, HAT! I keep finding reasons to wear my hat practically every time I set foot outside. My mom even tried to snag this from me, claiming I don’t wear hats. Nice try mom, but this one’s mine. This picture is the first night I wore it to my friend’s concert at a bar. I got compliments all night long, everyone asked where I got it from.  I did a lot of promoting for CandleOwlKnit’s Etsy shop that night. Her work is beautiful, and I feel guilty for getting this gorgeous hat for free, a big THANK YOU and HUGS for the sweet Hannah!

Hmm what else haven’t I shared? Oh yea, my horrid job interview. You wouldn’t believe how shady this place was, I can’t imagine why ANYONE would want to work for them! As bad as the interview was, I will still be respectful enough to not mention the company name, but here was my experience in a nutshell:

 The place was run down, people at front desk were bashing their boss, talked for 20 min with a guy who didn’t even introduce himself or even care to ask for my name, he sat down and looked away before I could offer my hand and properly introduce myself, placed in a cramped room with two other people working loudly during my so called interview, walked in immediately sat down to watch a video made in the early 90s, learned that the district I would be working in wasn’t the area they had said, but in an area about 40-90 minutes away, told them that’s not what was shown online, the woman I was SUPPOSED to be interviewed by ignored me until the last 2 minutes and in those last 2 minutes I finally learned the name of the guy who was talking to me in his monotone, dull, “I hate my life” manner. NEVER said or asked my name once. 

I was bummed, I mean what kind of place treats a potential employee like that? They were so rude I couldn’t wait to get out of there. My parents told me to view this somehow as a learning experience. I’m still searching for that.

Job talk aside, here are my current projects:

1. Crochet play food before Saturday to go with my almost 3 year old nephew’s birthday. His parents got him this huge play kitchen with a bakery and cashier involved. But the set only came with 20 pieces of food. So far I’ve got 3 strawberries and an ice cream cone.
2. Complete 1 doll/1 cupcake related item for my plans to pitch my work to boutiques
3. Looking for patterns so I can sew my first dress
4. Fighting this nasty cold!!

I guess this post is long enough, and hopefully staring at my laptop screen in the dark has tired me out enough to get some shut eye. Good night (technically morning!) 🙂

9 thoughts on “Bad Case of the Sniffles

  1. Hope you feel better soon. The flu has entered our home too, one by one is falling ill. I’m afraid I will be next, it is frustating our projects are going to have to wait.

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