Rave On, Raveonettes! Best, Night, Ever!

Everyone dreams of one day meeting their favorite bands up close and personal. Me? I never believed I’d ever be one of those lucky people. Thursday night proved me wrong, and even in that moment when I was standing face to face with the  talented two of The Raveonettes, I swore it was not little o’ me in their presence.

Yet there I was!

The concert had been nothing less then pure amazingness, and the night turned into one experience I’ll never get all thanks to our handmade T-shirts! My friend Brian hours before the show decided we should spray paint our shirts with a saying the band used to use alot. Our goal was to get close enough to stage for them to see us. We had high hopes, but really I was afraid they wouldn’t see us if we got stuck behind a crowd of people, that’s my positive thinking for you.

The night started with my friend Brian and I arriving in Chicago anxiously awaiting for the show to start. In the bar we were able to loosen up, ordering a drink before walking into the nearly empty concert hall. As soon as we stepped foot in their I knew things would be good. We met this hilarious couple and shared our musical tastes and a few tipsy laughs before the first band went on. I was happy that we were right in front of the stage, so close if I reached out I could easily touch the amps, microphone, and potential legs of the band (although that’d be a little creepy.) Cold Shower is an Indie Pop band with and they started the night off just right.

The second band to hit the stage was named Melody’s Echo Chamber, a 4 person band all the way from Paris! I fell in love with them instantly, their wonderful elegance, sound, and personality that popped off the stage. When her airy and refreshing voice graced us with her French singing, I knew I was hooked with no chance to escape. Their genre is Indie Rock, 100% original, and they two women are so beautiful, even occasionally doing a cute dance together while they played.

Finally the time arrived, and the fake smoke flooded the stage in anticipation. By then, the hall overflowed with fans, wall to wall, and suddenly my friend and I were starting to get pushed around. For a few minutes I struggled with maintaining my front row position, if even one person got in front of me I’d have trouble seeing. The nice couple from earlier generously pushed us forward, promising that the band would see our shirts. After a 20 minute set up, the stage went black, and the band’s amps lite up the worlds “Rave On” before Sharin and Sune walked on stage. In my brain it all happened in “a slow motion-this is not reality-OMG it is” kind of way. There were right in front of me. less than 4 feet away!!

You know how sometimes you’ll like a singer/band, but go to see them live and they sound absolutely NOTHING like their CD? The Raveonettes is NOT one of those bands, if anything they are better up close and person! Purely amazing, I was mystified and camera happy and jaw dropped. I had that feeling the whole concert, that lasted what seemed like forever. I  couldn’t stop smiling, wait I did the few times the woman behind me brushed her boobs on my back because she kept holding a camera over my head, or when the girl next to me was in a drunken dance phase. Other than those two, all smiles!

Like every good thing, their has to be an end. After the 3 songs in their encore, they left our presence. My friend and I took our time walking to the merchandise table where we each bought other band’s CDs, pins, and I got a glow-in-the-dark tote bag. We decided to wait until the Raveonettes would come out one last time.

We waited. And waited. And waited.
The whole time though, others loved our shirts and were amazed we did them our selves. We talked to them about how we’d wait all night if it meant they could sign our shirts. The other bands sympathized, saying that Sharin and Sune usually don’t come back out after shows. We were still hopeful, leaning against the wall that directly faced the stage doors. About 20 minutes later, a woman approached us, noticing we’d been there for a while, the other people from the show had all gone and only regular customers of the bar were left. She said many times earlier she liked our shirts, and she used to know what it was like to wait forever to see your favorite band. She said the most amazing words ever, “You want to meet the band?”

We followed her through the back doors, and up the stair case where I had trouble comprehending what was going on. Not until I went up the stairs, past the other bands, and on a chair there he was, Sune of the Raveonettes, with Sharin on the couch in the back room. My jaw dropped! I was in the room with them, they were coming up shaking our hands, they were the nicest people ever!

After introductions I was ready to be a scary fan girl and ask for their picture and autograph, but Sharin beat me to it! She pulled out her iPhone and asked the woman who bought us to them (I think she was a manager) to take a picture with us, that she loved our shirts and  asking “Why don’t we have merchandise like that?” The picture in this post is off her phone, and on their Twitter page. Afterwards, they took pictures with my iPods. Following the amazing pictures, Sune presented us with a gift, “These are the two picks I used during the show, you guys want them?” Duh we did! Yet this is where my nervous rambling got the best of me. Brian happily said he played guitar so he’d use it. Me on the other hand stuttered, “I don’t play guitar, but I can frame this, or make it a necklace, or some other creepy fan thing…” I was mortified, but I got the whole room to laugh. Brian offered them his band card, from his band The Dollparts and they kindly took them. Last but not least, the manager bought a permanent marker for them to sign our shirts. We thanked them countlessly, shook their hands, and waved good-bye walking backwards out the room, feeling like we’d just been a part of some alternate reality.

Best concert ever! They were so extremely kind to do that for us, outside Brian told me normal backstage passes would be over $100! 😀 Even two days later, I feel so amazed by their generosity. What a great week this has been!

Eventually I will show you all my new works! I’m having a blast working on my shop, working on job hunts, researching business things, spending time with my wonderful boyfriend who supports me so much, now I’m at my bff’s house who I haven’t seen in over a month (that’s past our experation date) and can’t wait to see my little nephew when he gets here this afternoon! 😀

Have a great day everyone, I know I am! ❤



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