New Toys and Joys

Millie Bumble Bee has been Buzzing Around Busily Bustling her Blooming Business!
Haha, just wanted to see how many “B” words I could use. I got two new delicious projects I finished!

Ooh-Oooh-Yum-Yummy Cupcake Monkey

Cupcake Pouch on the go~

These are the first two completed projects I plan to present to the cupcake bakery. Pink, green, and brown are the colors in theirs shop, so I plan to stick to those. Plus I made the monkey because there are NO monkey related items for sale! Kind of weird to have “monkey” in your store name with no real monkey merchandise, right? The bag I made since they had little cupcake keychains and cupcake flavored lipgloss for sale, wouldn’t they want a cupcake bag to hold all that cupcake goodness? 2 of 10 Samples completed, the third will be done today. I really love this idea of presenting my work to other businesses, gave me a creative jump start. Even if I have no takers, I’ll still have all these new ideas and patterns!


Yesterday my hair pick arrived all the way from Singapore. I adore this I adore this I adore this- I really adore this! I was worried my hair was think to hold the pick, but it works perfectly. Its light weight, adds a splash of bright color to my dark hair, and I like the little “clicky-clacky” jingle when I walk.


My biggest surprise all week: my parents bought me a sewing machine!! I’m so happy, I jumped up and down like a kid who was sugar high and just woke up to Christmas and a giant birthday cake and other good stuff kids go crazy for! I am so grateful to my parents and my neighbor C. She sold us this brand new never used sewing machine for an astonishingly low price. I’ve wanted a sewing machine since I was 9, finally have my very own 😀  I just have to remember how to use one haha its been a long time. Now I have to work on my fabric stack, and practicing stitches, something new to re-learn.

Over all: Life is Looking Up :]

1. Job interview tomorrow, I’M SO SCARED/EXCITED! I really want this job. I would be an inventory tracker. I’d be counting, scanning, logging. Easy enough, right? What appealed to me the most is I’d be working independently the majority of the time. After hearing stories about crazy coworkers from my friend’s, I’m not eager to work so closely with others (huh, that sounds a tad antisocial….).
2. School papers have finally gone through! I’m thinking of going part time this semester since I’m starting so late.
3. Seven days until the Raveonettes concert. I’m ready to have my ear drums amped with loud indie/soft rock songs

How have you been fellow bloggers?
Hope everything is splendid, and if not, may things be good asap!
Catch you later 🙂

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