Randomness from a Sleepless Girl

1. Doll Completion: After what seems like FOREVER, I finished the doll my uncle bought to give to me baby cousin. I dunno why it took so long, completed her in less than a day:

2. Business: Slowly blooming! I feel very happy about my choice to start a shop. My next step is a big one, and could potentially be a waste of time, but I’m willing to try: selling my stuff in boutiques. There are two cute privately owned shops in my downtown area that sell very handmade toys from various parts of the globe. The last shop is a small cupcake business, named Sugar Monkey Cupcakes, and I realized there is absolutely no monkey related items in their shop! I asked (more like my boyfriend asked) if they’d be interested in my creating a mascot for them. They said if I created something, they’d consider working with me. I’m excited, ready to work hard, and accept if things don’t work out in my favor. In other news I’m distributing my resume out like free lollipops, I want a regular job too, I’m on a roll *cheers*

3. School: What school? My paperwork isn’t through yet!

4. Family: My youngest brother, aka my kitten, Mikey (1) is going bald. He’s been so stressed with the moving process that he’s been nervously scratching himself and his hair away! 😦 Going to the vet Monday.

5. Music: “Under and Over” by Five Finger Death Punch. The first heavy rock song I’ve liked in YEARS *starts head banging and fist pumping.*

6. My Fingers are Itching to Get a Hold of: FLEECE! I’ve been on Deviant Art lately, and I’m in love with handmade fleece items. Adorable fleece wallets that look like mini super heroes, cute bags that look like smiling milk cartons, dinosaur toys that look like bubble gum, custom My Little Pony hoodies, I want to try!

7. Excited for: Raveonettes concert! They have a weird music style, very unique. Going to see them with my friend and we will be like “yaaaaay” and drink like “yaaay” and have a good time.

8. Stress Level: Down recently. Getting used to the crazy routine of having your house for sale.

9. I want: to do a CRAFT SWAP! Any takers???

10. I need: a new DIY project. Peferably one I can use with fabric. I really loved making the kanzashis, perhaps I will elaborate and make a more realistic one with the flower trail.

11. Boyfriend: turned the big 21! And his job made him work a double shift that day. Sunday we are celebrating, which means we will probably be bums with a six pack of Smirnoff 3.2% alcohol bottles in his basement playing video games. Or I can drag him to a bar, haven’t decided yet.

12. Tonight: game/pizza night with my stepdad’s family. I’m ready to win again at Apples to Apples and protect my title as “Jenga Champion”!

13. Off to sketch new toys, adios lovelies!

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