MLP meets Chibi Cuties

Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack

Goal complete!
…For the most part. I managed to make 4 of the 6 main characters of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series. ;_; I realized too late that I was short on purple, white, and dark blue yarn I needed to complete the other two (Twilight Sparkle and Rarity). 🙂 They are at my shop if you know any MLP lover (that includes Bronys!)

Making the ponies turned out to be fun! I got a ton of practice with felt.  I’m starting to love using felt for small details, I must expand my stock in the near future! I still am dumbstruck at the gracious amount of buttons and ribbons I recently received from my neighbor. I’m afraid to touch them–they are all so lovely! I don’t want to use them on the wrong project. I properly thanked my neighbor yesterday for the crafting gold she sent my way, she was really happy for me being so happy 😀

The other day I noticed I’ve been into creating crochet toys verses my dolls. Honestly, I felt a little down about my dolls. I think they are all absolutely adorable (since I’m the creator and all hahaaaa). The Etsy market makes them seem so mediocre. The ratio of favorites the dolls get compared to the toys is a bit unbalanced. But, meh. I love my dolls, and I know others do too. My doll inspiration will randomly hit me again like always. 😀 Not gonna stop making them! I’m excited that on one of my Etsy Teams I’ve been featured as the Shop of the Day! I’ve been waiting 2 months for it and finally my shop is in the spotlight, woohoo! *does a happy dance*

I’m in a good mood and having a good day. Perhaps it has something to do with that rain finally going away and its like someone dumped sunshine through the skylights.
Today Millie is walkin’ on sunshine, woah, woah!

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