Cupcake Bear is Fresh Outta the Oven

My love of sugar, sweets, and sugar has officially crossed over into my crochet world. I’ve got tons of sketches and doodles of desserts meeting animals! Only downside is I get so hungry and have to go bake a cake or borrow some candy from the giant candy stash my mom thinks I don’t know about (hahaha!) Cupcake Bear is at my Etsy.

Whelp, I’ve been trying to keep busy. The oh-so-lovely “For Sale” sign has been pounded into our lawn and that big clunky gray lock swings on our front door. Since then I’ve been kidnapped a lot by my guy friend, we’ve both been distracting ourselves from our problems. He’s great, somehow no matter how chaotic our lives have gotten over the past 9 years, we still have each other’s support.

By the way, we are 7 days away from the end of the Giveaway! If you haven’t entered, give it a go! 🙂 Hereeeee ❤

Now, to further entertain myself my goal is to complete 6 My Little Pony toys before tomorrow, let the crochet madness…….*whistle blows* BEGIN!

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