Even through Tragedy, Generosity Shines

Who says that there is no  more “neighborly love” left in the world anymore? I am so amazed at the absolute kindness I received from my dear neighbor, even after last weekend she experienced a heart breaking tragedy.

The Story:
I came sneaking into the house after having a Nerd Day with my guy pals (hours straight of Wii games, card games, and the oh so smart decision to go Air softing at 10 at night when I’m wearing 3 inch wedge sandals and scared to death of the pitch black woods). I turned on the light, to my surprise I see three boxes stacked on my desk. I instantly I realize they were the same boxes my neighbor had given me to put my dolls in a few weeks ago. I open them up and I swear, it was like opening three treasure chests! The golden light emitting from them just like in the cartoons!

Craft Gold!!

So many beautiful buttons and ribbons!! I stood there dumbstruck, I had seen these ribbons at her house before, why were they in my room?? She told me during our last visit that she’s a beautiful quilter and crafter herself, and loved collecting ribbon. Again, WHY was this in MY ROOM? I feel so thankful, that was really kind to her, especially after what happened to her last week, why was she thinking of me?

The unfortunate tragedy that befell my neighbor last week  (I will refer to her as “C”). C is a wonderful woman who lived across the parking lot (we’re in town homes, our houses face each other) alone with her two cat companions, and a beautiful garden, and coolest of a fish tank full of mini coral reef! C is a talented crafter, very talkative, and has a lot of love to offer. Last Saturday night, we saw police and an ambulance guy going into her house. My stepdad was concerned and tried to ask one of the cops, but he brushed him off thinking we were just nosey neighbors. The next day my parents went over to talk to her, and both came back teary eyed.

C had two bangals, the cat pictured above that looked almost exactly like this one. Both girls, from the same mother but different litters, the older one, Casey (2) and the younger Poppy (1 1/2). That Saturday, C got a call from the vet saying that her cat’s strange behavior was caused by cancer, that they BOTH had. To make matters worse, they had to be put to sleep. The thought of taking the cats out the house was unbearable, she said they were terrified of leaving the house, and already not feeling good she wanted them to be as peaceful as they could be in their last moments. THe vets decided to actually come to her house to put the girls down. Right in her living room Poppy and Casey took their lasts breathes with their loving mother watching. Later when we saw the police going into her house, a friend called them there to check on her because the friend said she thought C might have a panic attack.

When my parents told me about C’s loss, I almost cried as my kitten crawled into my lap and my other cat snored across the bed. 😦  I can’t imagine that! I can’t imagine loosing both my cats, at the same time. How awful, I feel so bad for C who is now alone in her house. For those of you who don’t know, bangals think their humans. My bff has two, and they are extremely smart, playful, and VERY talkative. You can literally sit there, pet your bangal, and have a conversation with it “meowing” back. (“meowing” isn’t even the best way to describe them, the noises they make are unlike any other cat breed!) C just got back Friday from a well deserved mini vacation, so this is her first few days living alone. Ugh, my heart aches thinking about it!

Knowing all this, I’m so astonished that she’d even think of giving me some of her crafting inventory that she was so proud of after all of that. I am going crazy trying to figure out how to even thank her, what can I say?! I’m mind blown. C is such a sweet heart, it hurts to think of her loosing her two cats that were like her young children. Well, I’m going to brain storm, think of something to get her. I keep thinking that it wouldn’t be enough though. I will try my best.

R.I.P. Casey and Poppy ❤

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