Bye-Bye Bunny


Bunny Bun Buddy is headed to Colorado to be a little girl’s birthday gift! He was my first ever Bun Buddy, and the later inspiration for the Chibi Cuties. I guess I’ll be including a mini amigurumi to all my orders, I couldn’t resist making him a carrot as a going away present!

Bun Buddy had been part of my giveaway, and he still is! 😛 I’ll make another one for any winner who wants one.

-Life Rant-

=_= been up early, already started packing. The sign goes outside our house tomorrow, and only 4 boxes (2 mine) have been sealed! Why are we so far behind? The parents didn’t buy more boxes until last night. Arghhhhh. Already the stress level is high thanks to the nervous energy my parents are emitting, they are NOT tolerant of these things, makes them feel they aren’t in control. Today will not be a good day! Yet, sending off Bunny Bun Buddy was pretty calming, I feel all warm and fuzzy that he will have a new home with a sweet little girl ❤

‘Bout to put my iPod on and sing while I work 😀  ttfn!

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