Chibi Cuties

For the longest time I’d been meaning to make more little animals with the same pattern I used for Fritz the fruit bat. Now I have a total of 4, yay! Snow Ball the kitty, Fritz, Leo the lion, and Poppy the puppy were all made last night while I was half asleep, not bad if I do say so!

On my crochet radar I have yet to complete a doll for my cousin, I haven’t been struck with inspiration. I’ve been on the look out for a totally new project to participate in Woolhog’s monthly challenge 🙂  Today I’m in a good mood, tomorrow I spend time with my love who I haven’t seen in 2 weeks, plus the dreaded “meet the dad” date, I’m going to get my laughs at how my dad reacts to meeting my bf. Yea thats it. Too lazy to post the other stuff atm. I have some chocolate tea I’m ready to sip!
😀 Have a good day!

4 thoughts on “Chibi Cuties

  1. These little guys are C-U-T-E! Enjoy your “family” visit. I’m sure your Dad will try to behave himself, for you, as he meets your boyfriend 😀

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a like.


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