First Crochet Headband

First headband!

*Squeal*  I faced my fear of headbands and crochet flowers today!

I have to admit, I don’t know why I had that silly fear in the first place. In 15 minutes I figured out how to throw this blue flowered headband together before we arrived at a family reunion. I adore my new accessory, this added the pop of color I needed. 10 minutes later I already made a duplicate for my 14 year old cousin, who the rest of the afternoon clung to me whining , “make me another one, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease???”

—Blah, I just realized I hate putting pictures of myself on the internet…but I have no styrofoam head to model my headband! Just ignore my face *is embarrassed about the bad acne*—

The three string headbands has had my eye all month, same with the flower. To be honest, I only made the head band today because I couldn’t find my other blue flower clip, and I didn’t have time to change my entire outfit. I still feel silly…the flower took no effort, I could’ve had a whole collection of flower headbands by now!

An Updated Life Report:

As I mentioned, today I had a “family reunion.” I don’t know if I should even call it that, only 6 families (including mine) showed up. My family is huge, so only 6 families arriving is BEYOND pathetic. Not to say I didn’t have a good time, every time I’m around my cousins I have a blast. I have a cousin who is 22 like me (yet our maturity levels and personalities couldn’t be further apart!) and she gave me a fabulous neon manicure. The orange luau came from my grandma who DEMANDED that no one remove them under any circumstance…she pretty much ran the whole thing with an iron fist and the reasoning skills of a 2 year old…but that’s my grandma for you. Everyone discovered about my parent’s journey out west, so they were explaining the chaos of preparing to sell and showing off pictures of their future home. I had to repeatedly explain to my younger cousins that I would be staying here, even in the same city, my dad is literally 4 blocks away!

I didn’t think I’d like the whole sitting-outside-on-the-ground-finding-ways-to-entertain-myself thing would be fun, but I was pleasantly proved wrong. Today I laughed until I cried and have a happy full belly! I’m ready to zonk out, we spent the majority of the day there.

Tomorrow I’m going to experiment more with crochet flowers and headbands, plus I have to finish a doll by Monday. Oh, and of course I can’t push off packing any longer, here come those horrid cardboard towers and  empty room!

—So I changed my blog theme….yay? nay? The balloons make me feel so giddy! The font? Not so much, seems too tiny for my taste…tomorrow I’m going to decide to keep it or not…..YOUR OPINION? 🙂

❤ Nighty Night.

2 thoughts on “First Crochet Headband

  1. I like the balloons. The font is small, but it’s still readable. By the way, nice headband :). I’m glad you stepped outside your comfort zone or you might not have ever found out that you didn’t need to be afraid of crocheted headbands.

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