Knitting Level: +1

Sewing: Level 7
Crochet: Level 12
Knitting: You’ve Leveled Up! Level 4

Day 5

Yipee the past two days I’ve been purling away! Today’s results turned out ten times better than my first attempt yesterday:

Purling sure is tricky. Then again I said that about the garter stitch, now I can do that with my eyes closed. Practice makes perfect! I showed my yarn happy friend Lynn my improvement yesterday, she was impressed. I’m sad that she has completely ditched knitting for crochet though, I really liked my live instructor! Now I’m the one playing teacher, she’s 100% tangled in crochet. Last night’s craft day was fun, we both showed each other various ways to crochet hearts. Go crochet buddies!

This is a gift for my super sweet neighbor. A few days ago she gave me a bunch of ribbon and crafting boxes to store my dolls (I had them all in shoe boxes…). How kind that was! She’s a Hello Kitty fanatic like me so I thought this keychain would be puuuuurfect! She recently got home, I’m going to make my delivery now.


3 thoughts on “Knitting Level: +1

  1. Wow! Your garter stitch is already pitch perfect! And your stockinette is coming along. Good for you! Don’t be like me and totally pass up the crochet, though. I most often don’t really love the way crocheted objects look, but I LOVE everything that YOU crochet. It’s a gift!

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