My New Dollies!

Snow Bunny Sonja, Rocking Rachelle, and Cobie Bear Cub

By far these are my favorite three doll. I hated dolls when I was younger, but now I’m trying to horde them all for myself!
What makes these dolls my favorite are their removable accessories. Sonja and Cobie with their cute animal hats, and Rachelle’s headphones and iPod. They are all at my Etsy: clickity.

Each doll I tried something new, like the way I did their hair, sewed them together, or the pattern on the bottoms of their skirts. Also I discovered I hated working with that super fluffed white yarn I used for Sonja’s hat. That type of yarn is so awesome, such a pain to work with, I’m suprised I managed to even make the hat!

These dolls took longer than expected, this past weekend has been unpleasantly busy. Friday a friend’s birthday party drama, Saturday fixing plastering sanding painting, Sunday cleaning, Monday packing cleaning, and Tuesday I got sick. I still don’t feel good so I’m not really amped to do anything, I want to bed hug.

My Mood this Week: blah.
The reality of my parents moving is setting in, I’m not happy. I’m not ready to be without them, I’m not ready to go with them, I’m not ready to live with my dad. But the world doesn’t revolve around me, so I’m desperately trying to dig myself out of this hole and stay positive. Another slap in the face is I won’t be able to start school on time. 😦 

One Great Thing: my love.
My boyfriend has been amazingly great to me during my time of moping. After the drama on Friday he took me to JoAnn Fabrics and Michael’s. He laughed most of the time saying I looked like a kid in a candy store. He treated me to all the beautiful yarn I wanted ❤ Oh he spoils me….he’s helped me a ton with the whole moving process since he knows moving really unravels me. I’ve moved countless times and even the sight of brown boxes drives me bonkers! Thanks for having the duck tape needed to keep me together Andrew.

In the End: Crafting = Peace.
Crochet, knitting, DIY projects all help me stay sane 🙂 I have a DIY I’ve been meaning to finish, I will share with you my horrid sculpting skills. My next project is to make a curly blue headed doll for my little cousin, a yellow fuzzy bear for my friend, and find time to knit! I have not forgotten my new hobby.

Thanks for checking in and skimming over the rambles haha ❤
Good Day to you All!

4 thoughts on “My New Dollies!

  1. Love them, especially Rachelle! And for the rest: hang in there, girl; in the end, everything will be fine. Always look on the bright side of life! (and you’ve got a boyfriend who willingly goes to Michaels with you, which is very, very bright indeed (-; )

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