Knitting Knots and other Projects

Hello ev’ry oneeeee!
I’ve had my hands full with a few easy projects. Welcome the newbies!


Soot Sprites

Arelea is Alvarie’s little sister, who is slightly smaller in size and super clumsy. Nonetheless, I think she’s a doll (literally)! The Soot Sprites are characters from the amazing Studio Ghibli films SpiritedAway and My Neighbor Totoro. The Soot Sprites were super fun to make because they were so quick (each only 1.5 inches tall) and I got to brush them to my heart’s content. Also I had a fun time making the little drawstring star pouch, it was the first time I made anything like that. They are chilin’ at my Etsy shop if you want to visit them: Say hi!

As if I need another craft in my life, last week I was introduced to a hobby that scared me the most: knitting. I find this ironic because I hear all the time how similar crochet and knitting are. Last week my friend Lynn and I decided to have a craft day! She’d teach me knitting, and I’d teach her crochet. Sad to say, the results for both of us were bad!

This is me on the knitting loom, about to restart for the 4th time while my friend is already on her 6th row. After miserably failing to use the knitting needles, she thought the loom would be just up my alley. Boy did I prove her wrong! She struggled just as much with the crochet hooks, but I give her credit for working hard on crocheting 1/3 of a ball. I had such a fun time being able to share and learn a craft with her. I can’t say there will be a lot more of these days, after two hours of trying we were both pretty frustrated! 🙂

After that I vowed to never touch those pesky needles again!—until yesterday when I bought needles of my own.

So far I got the Slipknot down…thats about it!

Starting knitting has been a joyous nightmare. I checked a book at the library to help me on this new “adventure” but already I can tell this is gonna get knotty!

Everyone have a good day, thanks for checking in!

By the way, any advice for this new knitter? 🙂

7 thoughts on “Knitting Knots and other Projects

  1. omg… so cute!! Soot Sprites reminds me of doll I might see on Halloween. Arelea looks like princess. Knitting seems hard to me when I look at videos. When I first starting learning crochet, I heard from many that knitting was easier. One day I’ll learn now to knit after I master crochet. Great job!!!! 🙂 😀 😀 Oh, this video might help you with knitting.

    • Thanks for the video, its a very clear and slow-paced one! 🙂
      I’ve thrown down the needles for today, maybe tomorrow I will try again with that video, they make it look so simple…
      I hope someday you give it a try too, can never have too many hobbies or crafting skills!

  2. Yeah… maybe, lol 😉 I watched a friend at work knit the other day and I was in awe. She saw me crochet on my lunch break today and said that crochet looks easier. I agree 🙂 Tell me if the video helps you with your progress. 🙂

    • The video helped a ton! I’m still horribly bad but watching the video gets me inspired to keep trying 😀
      I am always amazed with people who knit with ease, or any other hobby that I can only dream of doing!

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