Rainbow Dash is Finally Done!

“Things just got 20% cooler.”

Rainbow Dash has been sitting on my shelf eyeless and with a tattooless thigh for almost 2 months (or something like that.) I finally got around to finishing her and best of all presenting her to my Brony friend. By the way, “Brony” is the term used for guys who watch My Little Pony and get just as obsessed (if not more) as girls.

He went crazy for it! I was so happy that he liked it so much, and because of something I made from scratch too! 🙂 I love seeing my friends faces when I give them my work, makes me all warm and fuzzy and even more crochet crazy inside.

The pattern for the basic pony/pegasus/unicorn body is found here. The pattern generally easy, but doesn’t show you how to do any details, like adding hair, eyes, and marks. I had to wing it big time, but it paid off!

This is the only second amigurumi I’ve made off a character. Although the idea of being able to make toys from TV show characters was one of the main reasons I wanted to learn crochet in the first place hahaha… ^.^

Ahh almost midnight, I better start my next project. 🙂 Until my next post, bye bye, thanks for checking in!

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