Pocket full of Pictures

“I’ve got a pocket full- a pocket full of sunshine~”

Ironic I have this song stuck in my head all day when I haven’t received the slightest glimpse of sunshine today. The sky is painted gray and dreary, but the plus side is the humidity is relatively low and I had a chance to get to the post office to say goodbye to Fritz.  Along the way I parked my bike multiple times to pull out my phone and snap a few pictures of things going by. Here’s some random pics:



The only flower left in our garden…how sad!

I made sure he had a snack for his trip home, bye-bye Fritz! 🙂

“Off with their heads!”

And right above is my 2 minutes DIY jewelry holder! Literally all I had to do was find an old picture frame, remove the glass and tie yarn extra tight around the back. Ta-Da!!!
Okay, so it’s not as glamorous as all the other ones I’ve seen. Mine is pretty small, and no, that is NOT all my jewelry! Basically this is good for my light/small earrings and necklaces that were all jumbled and tangled in a pouch I had. I like this though, I forgot I had these things and I still adore them.

That’s all folks ❤

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