Tea Time with Lisette

“Care for some tea?”


In my last post I made a mini-bear for my friend. I fell in love with her, and decided to make more 🙂 That’s when I made Lisette, the pink bear who’s ready for a quiet afternoon of tea and good conversation. She’s my newest Etsy item and I hope she’ll be able to have tea time with someone other than me (hahaha!)

I owe her name and the idea for a tea set to my friend. She loves all things European, and has big dreams of going to Paris (don’t we all??). That gave me the inspiration to give Lisette a French name and try to give her that kind of feel. I don’t know if I really captured it (probably not) but that was the goal!



Next few projects will be making three different colored bears, all with different sets. I would love to make felt clothing for them so they can go shopping and play dress up. If you like Lisette visit my shop: here!

In other life news, I’m starting to distribute my business cards 🙂 I hope things pick up. And I finally had the courage to tell my over-protective parents that I do have a boyfriend (they pretty much figured it out weeks ago though) so now its planning, planning, and more planning so he can spend time with my family. I’m pretty nervous, never done this before…I want everything to be perfect and fun!

I have a four day sleep over to go to at my bff’s house, and I am trying to resist the urge to pack all my crochet tools with me. I feel weird not having a hook in hand for so many days! Is that what you call an addiction?

Happy Friday, happy weekend, and happy crafting!

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