Miwa’s Little Sister

Perhaps I should say “Big Sister”? Although Miwa is older, she was designed to be a “baby bear” while her sister is designed to look older….oh well!

This little unnamed sister of Miwa is going to be sent to Oregon in a few days. She is an EXTREMELY late birthday gift for one of my dearest friends. ❤
Blue is her favorite color, and since I’m on a fuzzy amigurumi rampage I finally knew exactly what to make her.

Making this bear was super easy, super quick, and super easy. The hardest part was making the pattern. Unlike Miwa who takes forever and a day to make because of her huge (yet lovable!) head, my crochet time was literally cut in half!

Since I made Unnamed Sister Bear, I’ve been struck with crochet genius! I have the urge to create so many accessories for her and bows since I got my crafty fingers on some ribbon.

By the wayyyy, thank you lovely blog followers, so far I have 80 (woohoo!) I’m thinking once I get 100 I’ll do a give away of some sort, they sound fun. That and I’m considering the possibility of a craft swap, if so would anyone be interested? 🙂

I’m off to crochet away~!

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