Miwa and Sachi: Fuzzy Wuzzy Bears

So fluffy!!

Actually, more “peach fuzz” than “fluff” but I’m completely happy. I managed to get a hold of a dog slicker brush, the magical item that made this fuzzy possible. I guess I could’ve just bought yarn that already has extra fluff to it, but I wanted to try the brush method instead. I like it already!

When I got the brush I knew exactly what I wanted to try and make — fuzzy bears! I worked on the pattern and in a few short hours I had Miwa. She’s inspired by an old picture I had on computer of the first amigurumi I’d ever seen:

I discovered this was made by Pepika, and she has a website of multiple extremely adorable amigurumi toys. She has the pattern for this bear and 3 additional ones too at her Etsy store.

Miwa and Sachi however were made from a pattern I completely winged.

The hardest part was getting that head size! I restarted about 5 times trying to make it not so big and not so small. I still think their heads are a smidge on the large end, but its growing on me!

I love brushed amigurumi, I look forward to making tons of big-headed-peach-fuzzed critters!

3 thoughts on “Miwa and Sachi: Fuzzy Wuzzy Bears

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