Return of the Ice Painting


Ice painting just gets better and better! And did I mention that it lasts a while? I’m still using the same ice cubes I made last week. I love how easy it is, the cubes are always ready to go, just a trip to the freezer and ta-da, easy art!

Making more pictures is a new hobby that’s growing on me (as if I need another one!) A few nights ago I realized that it really is a great stress reliever.

*Warning: slightly dramatic story ahead* I was minding my own business, just watching a foreign movie on Netflix on my Wii when our power  cut off. 3 seconds later it pops back on – the TV, lights, fan, alarm clock- everything BUT the Wii. I press the power button and no luck, it wouldn’t even light up. I was so frustrated! The Wii is my only updated game system, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to replace it.  What did I do? I dug out paper, scribbled some drawings and furiously started ice painting. After two pictures I started feeling better. I felt so alive letting the ice roam free!

I love ice painting. Everyone should try 🙂


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