An Array of Awards

Since the opening I’ve my shop, I’ve finally been able to take a breather and put my crochet hook down (well, for a few minutes anyway…). About a week ago I received not 1, but 3 blog awards! How honored I feel! 😀

The Reader Appreciation Award was given to me by the very kind Clare of  Simplify2x. She has a very reflective, inspirational, and calming blog. A big thank you to her, and send her some love by checking her out!

The Sunshine Award and the One Lovely Blog Award was received from sweet Misty of Crochet Thoughts. Within her blog she shares crochet, knitting, and life in general in a lovely way. Don’t forget to visit her as well.
I thank both you lovely ladies very much! And as usual, here we go again with the Official Rules that go along with these awards:

-Thank the blogger that nominated you
-Share 7 facts about yourself
-Nominate other blogs
-Notify them of their nomination

7 More things about me:
1. I can barely swim, most of the time I just float around!
2. Belle, Mulan, and Pocahontas are my favorite Disney Princesses.
3. I’m only 5’2” and my friends constantly call me a “stick”
4.  I can’t crochet flowers if my life depended on it 😦
5. I dream of going to Louisiana to learn more about my Creole culture (especially the food!)
6. I love resale shops!!
7. I enjoy building things that require tools like hammers, screw drivers, power saws, ect.

Now the nomination part:
Honestly, I think a lot of people deserve to have these 3 awards. So, if you check out my “Awards” page (link up top) and you have been nominated by me before, consider yourself nominated for these 3 as well!
I would love to one by one send them nominations, but that would take a long, long, long, time ^^;;
Congrats to you guys! In addition, here are a few more blogs I want to add to my nomination list:

Oh Yes They Did!
Little Green Pixie
Lazy Creative
Crafty Meggy
Forever Sunshine 
Show Us Your Crafty Bits 

I wish I could say something other than “Thanks” or “Thank You”, but I hope it still gets the point across of how much I appreciate the mention for awards and to know that other’s enjoy my blog. Everyone else enjoy your awards and as usual, thanks for stopping by! May the rest of your day be lovely and fun!

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