Ice Cube Painting: A Chilly DIY Project

Project: Ice Painting
Supplies: Food coloring, water, ice trays, small bowls, plastic spoons, paper, popsicle sticks or a good substitute
Results: An easy way to add color to work, especially on hot summer days.

Want to do something new and fun  on these hot summer days? I think this project would be great for anyone just wanting to try something new, quick, easy, and isn’t too messy. Also it’s a great substitute if you want to do a little cheap water coloring effect in your art work. I found the tutorial at Happy Houligans post.

As shown here the supplies are common kitchen items. The only thing I had to improvise on was cutting plastic knives in half since I didn’t have any popsicle sticks. I was suprised that we also had two different sets of food coloring, the regular   4 colors and the bright neon colors. I started by dropping 3 drops of red, blue, and yellow and let the mixing of colors begin!

In a few hours these babies were ready to paint! all the colors turned out pretty good. Well, except the red that turned out to be more pink than anything else.

I felt like a 3 year old again doing this

I have a think for hair coloring, don’t I?

The only down side for me was how fast the ice melted, and the food coloring that still has my fingers stained. On the other hand, when the ice started melting it was great for randomly splattering colors on the page. This is one of those times where I wish I was more artistic! Like those people in my school who are attached to their paint sets and will be seen painting anywhere on campus.

Yup, this is a quick and easy activity. I had fun scribbling, splattering, and swirling water colors!  If you want to try this, check out the tutorial, this would be fun for kids to do. Few quick tips:

1. Mixing colors is fun, but having a lot of food coloring helps
2. Any paper is good, unless you really want a good painting thicker paper is best so it won’t wrinkle. The top drawing was on Epson Matte photo paper and maintained its shape.
3. Best if this is done on a hard surface and towel!

That’s all I really have to say, I tried this when I was half asleep and most of my paper was random nonsense, still worth trying again 🙂

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