Fritz the Fruit Bat

I always thought bats were cute–you know, when they aren’t swarming around you or chasing you when they have rabies. Hahaha, I kid! Anywhoo, I do think bats are pretty cool animals, so I made a fruit bat of my own. I meant to give him little feet, later on I’ll get it right. After tweaking his pattern, I’ll add his replicas to my upcoming Etsy shop.

**I’ve decided on a Shop name!! From here on out it shall be known as:
Millie Mouse Crochet House
Whoooo and the crowd goes wild! *insert applause, obnoxious cheering, and a bit happy Millie right here*

To speed up the shop progress I’m working on the doll names, pricing, and creating the banner. I think I’ll miss my goal of having the shop running by the end of June, but my new target is no later than the first week of July. I am probably getting a little OCD about this, but I really want everything to be perfect. Not to mention that I really want my customers to be saticfied with what they receive, as I am whenever I order adorable items from Etsy. I really do appreciate the effort they put into adding little thank you cards, coupons, or even the act of wrapping a bow around my item, I simply love it!

A Life Snap Shot: I am super excited because today I applied to Aurora University! I want to transfer and get my English major, since at my community college I’ve pretty much taken every writing course there is. Even though this year will be tough, I’ll be living with my big sister and trying to support myself, I am very determined to get my B.A. and finish my photography degree. I hope everything transfers well and I get accepted, I guess this year I’m trying to get out of all my comfort zones, included my cozy community college that I have grown to love over the years. But sayonara, bye bye,  its time to move on.

And its time for me to tackle another easy DIY project and the 50 million other projects I  keep doing, no wonder I don’t get sleep at night. What can I say,this is the life of a girl who has discovered the endless DIY projects on the internet and feels the need to try them all 🙂

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