Love Dragons & One Lovely Blog Award

Yesterday was my bf’s and I’s 6 month anniversary. While those of you may be rolling your eyes murmuring “That’s all??” it is special to me, its one of my first real relationships. Besides, now adays so much of the world has lost faith in love and given up, I like celebrating anniversaries as to say “Hey look, we’re still together and still in love–love still exists!”

As a gift for my bf I made him a blue dragon that’s a key chain. Now we both have dragons who of course are going to be in love as much as we are (heehee, I’m so cheesy about this stuff). This is the same pattern I used for the red one I found at All About Ami’s blog, except I had thicker yarn so I had to improvise a little bit (more challenging than I thought!)

For my gift he bought me two necklaces I adore! They are both so unique, I can’t wait to wear them.

A few days ago I was nominated by ilovesunsetsbythesea for the One lovely Blog Award! 🙂 Thanks a ton! Here are a few new blogs I discovered and think you should check out:

Artepad::Arte Digital
Imagine Inspiration
Handmade by Lindsay
A College Girl’s Guide to Crafty Procrastination
Loopy Pink Contemplation
The Giraff’s Hat
A Little Bit of This and That…
Rotten Dollies
Inkomplete Design
Devinee Debris Jewelry
Crafted Cuteness

7 Things about Me:

1. I hate spiders
2. My astrological sign is Gemini
3. All time favorite animes: Sailor Moon, Eden of the East, FLCL, Samurai Champloo
4. I used to play the cello
5. Big crowds make me nervous, or even being around 4 people I don’t know makes me extremely shy and uncomfortable
6. I want to go to Italy, Japan, and France.
7. Air softing, geocaching, and biking are my favorite summer activities

For the nominies:
Accepting the award means you must thank the blog who nominated you, list 7 things about yourself, nominate blogs you enjoy, and then notify them. Easy-peasy!

Last note, bloggers are so awesome, a few days ago I also achieved over 50 followers! 🙂 Makes me super happy, so thank all who visit and read my blog, you all rock my socks!

Everyone out there have a great day 😀

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