My Blue Ballerina

She’s ready to dance!

…and only one more doll to reach my Etsy goal! This ballerina (who’s nameless at the moment) took a while to make since I’ve been gone, but she turned out a lot better than I thought, even her sketch didn’t really impress me but decided to follow it through anyway.

My only regret was my failed attempt at eye lashes, after trying three times I gave up and decided to try on my 5th doll. Instead I added her a little beauty mark next to her smile, I think it makes her look elegant and professional heehee.

I want to begin on my next doll, but I’m trying to rush around to create two toys for my friends before their birthdays this month, and of course I waited until last minute. And thanks to my card reader breaking, I can’t take any more pictures from my camera 😦 But I have some pictures I took before it broke what I’ll share later.

Thanks for checking out my creations, have a good evening!


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