Only 2 Dolls Away from Etsy, yay!

I’m REALLY excited to be opening an Etsy shop soon. Although, I haven’t even thought of a shop name…or pricing…dolls still have no names…still need to photoshop a banner and create a cute little business card….okay, so I still have a few things to do. Doesn’t mean I can’t be excited, right? It feels good to have something to work towards even though it’s summer.

I originally wanted to open shop when I had 5 dolls, but I’ve my heart can not bare to let go of my first doll, Pink Lolli Dolly. I’ve grown so attached to her! Besides, she’s the only doll without a smile, and I often use her as a reference while creating other dolls, and I like her simplicity compared to the other more colorful dolls I’ve been making.

I need to catch up on more hippos and patterns, but the past few days I’ve actually been having a social life ( shocker!)

Here are my latest dolls:

Bree Blue Wave

Pippy Plum

I’ll be selling more Bun Buddies too

haha, two jellies are still eyeless

Today was also Father’s Day! I hope everyone had a good one with their loving fathers.
*Upcoming blurb on my life*
I always get a little uneasy on Father’s Day. 13 years ago my parent’s  divorced due to my dad choosing his mistress. I’m not even bitter about that, the thing that hurts still is that before my mom even had any idea my dad was being unfaithful, my dad had already been taking me around his mistress for almost a year. I was naive and oblivious to what was really happening, so the day they sat me down to tell me what a “divorce” was, everything clicked and I realized I had been a part of it all along. Knowing my dad was using me as an excuse for why he’d been gone so much really left a scar.

The past four years we’ve finally been able to work on our relationship, and I still love him very much and now sure he too feels the same. Phew, I feel better now, onto more crochet stuff!

For Father’s Day this year, I decided to give him my first crochet  bear, and add a little fatherly spin to it:

He REALLY liked it, which made me feel unbelievably good.
How was your father’s day? Any have advice on keeping a good relationship with your father? 🙂
Hope all is well and thanks for reading.

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