Expectation vs. Reality: DIY Fairy dust Project


Project: DIY Fairy Dust
Supplies: Fat glow stick(s), clear/white VERY sparkely glitter, jar, lots of towels
Results: A bit messy, dim lit jar, and a glowing carpet

Like many other projects I tend to do in the wee hours of the morning, I came across this on Pinterest (super addicting site by the way) and thought it was so cute! The idea of catching fairy dust in a jar? Too classic and makes me feel nostalgic about the days I wish I’d meet Tinkerbell and she’d whisk me away to Neverland. But instead, I’d settle for a knock-off version of pixie dust homemade by me, a non-fairy.

From the beginning, I wasn’t so sure I could pull this off, but I tried anyway, and got these:

In the light, looks even more boring, don’t it?

I was skeptical as soon as I tore the plastic off my glow stick. I thought I had one of those 12 inch fat in diameter glow sticks in a package—not being cheap and actually containing two very thin, short sticks (but that’s the dollar store for you…). That was FAIL 1.

Cutting the glow sticks = FAIL 2. Box cutter in hand, I firmly grasped this twiggy stick and tried to make a clean cut off the top. Instead, glow liquid shot across my room, creating a purple trail all the way to my door.

FAIL 3 was trying to pour the glowing contents into the jar. Since the directions were so vague, and maybe I’m just slow, but I couldn’t figure out to break the sticks before or after. I chose “before”, only to discover that the little bits of broken glass were slopping into the jar more than the glow liquid.

FAIL 4 occurred due to my choice in glitter, I chose regular sized gold. Upon further inspection and research, it seems the really large and pretty clear glitter works best.

Fail 5 had to be the purple glowing mess on my towels, carpet, fingers, and toes. As well as a few glass shards that liked to hide on my floor. Oh, and the lid to my jar was leaking so everytime I shook my jar, I had horrid smelling, glowing hands.

Oh what an experience this was. But all in all, the outcome of my small jar bought a smile on my face. I even added a little (badly drawn) fairy to brighten my pixie dust. If anyone wants to try this, I sugguest:

1. Large glow sticks
2. Clear sparkly glitter, you know the ones that look like little circles
3. Wear gloves
4. Use tons of towels
5. Beware of glass

All in all, another project tried, and some results I can learn from.
Anyone else out there willing to try this? I’d like to see how it went!

11 thoughts on “Expectation vs. Reality: DIY Fairy dust Project

  1. i’ve seen this too on pinterest, but i was very suspicious on how to go about with the entire process. thanks for “taking one for the team” LOL. now we know it’s not worth the trouble….OR IS IT? ;P

  2. With the messy problems in opening the glow sticks as well as the life of glow-stick glow I’m wondering if glow in the dark paint might be a better way to go for this project?

    • After those glow sticks, I think anything that glows in the dark would suit better than them! 🙂 Thanks for the paint idea though, I’ll have to test that out next. (at least paint smells better and easy to clean so I stop damaging my room -.- )

  3. I tried this last night prior to reading your post. My experience almost mirrored yours. The funny thing, though, is I didn’t realize what a mess I had made until after I turned out the lights. Not only was I holding a glass jar with my smelly hands, the splattered mess was revealed. And the only way to clean up the mess was in the dark, because with the lights on you can’t see where all the splatters went. To be honest, if the glow sticks had more liquid in them, it would almost be worth it. Especially with different colors. The ones I had were purple and pink and white. A great combination. But, with when shaking the jar, the small glitter just stuck itself to the jar in clumps. Again, with more glow liquid, it is probably worth it if you follow the list of items needed as listed above.

    • I agree with you, with larger/more glow sticks I think this project would be adorable. They should really warn you ahead of time about the mess and caution to the smell, I’m sure its not good to inhale that much of it.
      I didn’t even think about combining colors what a great idea! It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who had difficulty doing this haha 🙂

  4. Thank you for the belly laugh this morning, I needed it 😀 Your description of the trials and tribulations you went through to accomplish the Fairy Dust in a jar is a great read. Not so funny to you as you had a big mess on your hands, and surprises, but your telling of it is histerical.


  5. Dearest Millie, You need to put a warning on your posts! I have had recent back surgery, and when I read of your ventures, I laughed so hard that I almost pulled something! LOL! I have wondered about this craft myself because I was enamoured with Tinkerbell when I was a little girl, too. Thank you for the laughs!!!

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