Melted Mayhem

Project: Melted Crayon Art
Title: “Lead Me to Color”
Supplies: 2 boxes of Playschool $0.55 crayons, Black 6mm thick foam board, glue gun, Revelon hair dryer
Results: A not so perfect but not too bad peice of artwork

Cruising the Crafts section of WordPress, I came across a post of a girl who tried to make her own melted crayon art, and I got super excited. I remember seeing crayon art about a year ago, and thought it was very creative, colorful, and unique. Since I am on a Craft/DIY power trip, feeling like Super Millie who can tackle ANY crafting project head on with flying colors, I decided to make my own. The process is fairly easy: glue crayons to board, use hair dryier to melt, ta-da!

Success and Failures: I managed to melt the crayon! The majority of them anyway. Some of those darned crayons were so stubborn they hardly melted at all! The pink and sky blue colors on the ends hardly budged, no matter how long I directed the heat towards them, or switched up the angles, nope, they only wanted to break. On the other hand, the purples were more than happy to glide down the board with glossy waxy trails, to my delight since purple is my favorite color.

When I read directions online how to do this, I thought all I needed was something on the ground to catch the dripping wax. I failed to realize that the majority o the wax never reached the newspaper, but instead decided to decorate my walls, my mirror, and yes, my sundress. Putting an attached comb onto the dryer didn’t help one bit either, and I had to vacuum and scrub the splat marks afterward.

Perhaps my biggest mistake was my choice in crayons. While the $0.55 Playschool Crayons made my wallet happy, I think I should stick to my old friend Crayola. I almost snuck into my moms glamorous looking 64 set, but I want to live to see my birthday. If anyone is going to try this, my advice is:

1. DONT GO WITH CHEAP CRAYONS! Stick to Crayola.
2. Use a canvas. Foam boards are alright, but at one point the hot glue that held the crayons to the board started melting, sending them sliding or crumbling away.
3. Be creative, try not to do the traditional rainbow arrangement (although its still pretty cool), or add some pizzaz to it, a piece of yourself.
4. Love what you make, and have fun!

Anyone else tried this kind of art? The best of luck to anyone who tries, if you do share with me I’d love to see it!
Whelllllllp, I’m leaving with a few pieces of work that I love and would have hanging in my room:





6 thoughts on “Melted Mayhem

  1. Wow, I’ve never seen melted crayon art before! It looks so good! The last four are my favourite 🙂 How did you get the rain effect on the pink and blue ones? And how did you prevent wax going over the image? Did you put something there to block it?
    As for the problem with the hair dryer, have you considered using a craft heat gun? I use one for melting embossing powders when making cards and its made specifically so it doesn’t blow anything away and just heats it! They can be found quite cheaply, but unless you’d be using it a few times I’m not sure if you’d want to buy it!

    • The last four pictures are of other people’s work, but aren’t they the coolest looking? I really love the blue and pink ones, I have yet to discover how they block the crayon wax from covering those areas. I will try again soon, I want one to be fully successful!
      I’ve never heard of a crafting heat gun, it might solve my problems. I’m going to see if I can get one and try this project again.

      • Oh well I do like yours too 🙂 Out of yours, the black foam board one is my favourite, and photographically, I like the focus of the last one 🙂
        As for blocking, maybe if you attached something to channel the wax away when it reaches that (maybe like card?) then remove any build up if there is any?
        I really do think a heat gun will solve your problem! They sell them in most craft shops. I got mine online for about £10-£20 (I can’t remember exactly!) I hope it helps, and I’d love to see the results of your next try! 🙂

  2. This is a cool technique you have brought to my attention. Going the cheap route doesn’t always pay 😦 At least you gave it a shot.

    I think the umbrella pieces had a “mask”. When you next have an idea to do this, put some double sided tape on a piece of paper – or a Post-It-Note over the area you want to stay clean. Melt your crayons letting them drip and run over the “mask”. Peel off the mask and insert your artwork.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with.


    • Thanks for the tip!
      I really want to try this again, but it’ll have to wait until after I move 😦
      I want to try that “mask” technique, and also I found that some people actually put the crayons into a small glue gun to melt them, that way you have more control. 🙂

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