Pink Lolli Dolly (my first doll!)


After a few days of creating and tweaking a pattern, I finally did it! My first crochet doll, and I don’t mean to toot my own horn (toot, toot) but she’s pretty cute! (I was expecting her to come out a little more deformed). The only thing I’m unhappy with is her face, to add a mouth or not? I forgot to before I stuffed the head, and not very good at adding one on since I usually mess up the first 2 times. Maybe add some blush marks? I’m still working on her pattern, but I am so happy I was able to make her.

Enchanted by her head of pink hair, “Lolli Dolly” popped in my head, for now it shall stay her name, until I think of something better. Lately I’ve been ping-ponging the idea of trying to sell my work, especially with the use of an Etsy shop or within my community that’s bursting with young families and children. Crochet has really turned into a special hobby, and seeing other people with my work fills me with joy. I’d give them for free ALL THE TIME if I could, but you know, selling them for a little profit isn’t all bad is it (oh I feel greedy now *sigh*).

*Warning: A Bit of my Life Rant Up Ahead*
My parents want to move to Nevada, the house is going to appear on the market in a few months, and Ms. Stubborn me wants to stay in my home state. The upside is when they move I get the car, bad news is all the job openings require me to drive +20 minutes away, and my step dad’s schedule is so loony and unpredictable we can’t share it. Selling amigurumi won’t bring me any big bucks, but pocket change will make me happy, and I could make someone else happy as well (share the love whooo!). Other upcoming plans are to work on studio photography, taking pictures of children is another passion I could put to good use. Looming in the background, writing swings in the breeze. I impatiently wait to hear from the sites my manuscripts have been sent to, fingers and toes crossed on all of them! Anyone have any adcvice? 🙂 On a estatic note,  my birthday is Friday, I plan to party till I’m purple!! Not really, I just want to see Madagascar 3 with the people important in my life. ❤

Blah Blah Blah, I’m going to crochet another doll, lets see if I can do this two times in a row! Everyone have a happy Wednesday!

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