My Little (Crochet) Pony: Rainbow Dash


Please understand, the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic show is absolutely hillarious. So my friend and I have no problem sitting together and watching the show laughing like 5 year olds. For his birthday, I thought his favorite pony would make a great gift for him. I was estatic to find a pattern. The pattern is by Terriko, and the pattern is here. This one is Rainbow Dash, and she’s only missing her eyes and Cutie Mark (you know, the tiny pictres on the ponies butts). I’m happy she stands, the lets were pretty tricky.


This is my other recent amigurumi. I wanted to see if I could work with the yarn (50% mohair/50% acrylic) and a 2.00 mm hook. And I discovered it was NOT my forte. This four inch cutie took hours to make with that tiny hook, it drove me insane! Anyway, this pattern is from All About Ami’s blog (I LOVE all her stuff) pattern found heeeeeere.

Next I’m going to try and create my first amigurumi doll. I want to try and create the pattern myself. Wish me luck!

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