A Gift for a Sis and the Woes of Yarn

I”m so bubbly! Tomorrow evening my family and I will be going to dinner to celebrate my big sister’s graduation. I was so happy for her, and happy that this is the first time my new habit would come in handy. Right away I knew I wanted to make her something. So, using the same bear pattern from the Little Big Foot series from HomeMadeObsession’s blog, I made this bear using my sister’s school colors. The pattern for the hat, tassel, and diploma were all used from AllAboutAmi’s graduation bear pattern. I added a red chain behind his head so she could hang him somewhere or put him on her key chain if she wanted. If only time would fly, and we were settled at the restaurant table.

In other news, I’ve discovered a startling realization: Yarn is expensive! *insert old lady voice here* “Back in my day, a bundle of yarn used to be thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis big and cost $2!” Well not anymore. My trip to Joann Fabrics cost me (er, my parents) a pretty penny for only 10 bundles. The only way I walked away with that much is because my birthday is coming up next month and all I asked for was yarn. I’m totally going to be visiting my local thrift store more hunting for yarn, they price full bundles for only $1-1.50 each (when they have any….). But I am extremely grateful that they did that for me. My yarn inventory has tripled, and seeing I lasted on those little yarn balls, orange and brown yarn all this time, I’m hoping these honking bundles will last me a while.

While in the store, I didn’t know where to start when picking yarn. Best price? Softest? Prettiest colors? Brand name? Should I go straight to Martha Stewart? It was a bit surprising walking through the three aisle and having no clue where to start. I got the majority of my yarn from the brand Red Heart, mainly because I felt the price was reasonable for the size, and the soft colors were very appealing.

To my fellow crocheters and amigurumi creators out there, where do you get your yarn? And what type of brand is your favorite? Does the brand even matter?

😀 Your advice would be helpful. I hope everyone has been enjoying their Memorial Day weekend!

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