Crochet Madness (I’m Now Questioning my Sanity)

Bunny Purse by millieonherworld

Lace on the side

Who pulled an all-nighter to complete yet another crochet project? This little lady right here (who has yet to go to bed)! I got home at midnight, still caffeinated from the SPIKE energy drink I split with my friend, I figured I’d crochet myself to sleep. WRONG, a soothing hobby turned into a determined, caffeine fueled mission that wasn’t completed until 7 this morning! And I couldn’t be happier with my results. Well, except the tiny fact that this little bunny handbag was originally supposed to be this:

All About Ami’s Cell Phone Tutorial (click to view page)

Whaley takin a swim (haha)

Apparently, I had a different vision in mind. If it weren’t for this tutorial, I wouldn’t have the purse I have now. I found this tutorial, and a handful of other adorable crochet and amigurumi patterns at All About Ami’s tumblr page. Her site is amazingly cute and creative, from toys to hats to her latest: how to make pairs of crochet slippers! I’ll keep my eye on that one for sure.

A shorter project that didn’t make me sleep deprived was this little whale I made in only a few hours, currently I just call him “Whaley” since I am horrible at names, and wondering if I should even be still naming my stuff toys…or the fact that yes, I have glow-in-the-dark sea critters on my bedroom wall. Oh boy, in the wise words of Blink 182: “What’s my age again?” Here is a link to the free whale pattern, he’s supposed to have a cute hat and lifesaver too, too bad I don’t have white yarn!

As much as I’m lovin’ this new crochet, I feel a tad off balanced. I haven’t written a poem, baked, drawn a picture, or taken some new pictures since. So far my summer has been Flu-crochet-crochet-crochet-see friends-crochet-see friends-crochet while seeing friends-crochet. I need a J-O-B inserted in there, along with maybe a SEEING-MY-BUSY-BOYFRIEND thrown in the mix. But ahh, the summer is still young, tis’ only May 20th (my 5 month anniversary actually)(yes I celebrate it monthly)(my bf actually keeps up with it better than me sometimes). Before I follow through my idea to start a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic crochet pony for my friend who is dieing for one, I think I’ll go play a video game, another hobby I haven’t engaged in for a while. Here I come Banjo-Kazooie!

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