Crochet Project 2: Little Luma

I swear, I am on a crochet spree! After 3 days of work I completed another amigurumi, a yellow star. Well, actually the technical name for this little guy is “Luma,” the chubby little star from the Wii game Super Mario Galaxy (1 & 2).  This was probably one of the times where I bit off more than I thought I could chew, and now my aching fingers are paying the price.

It all started around 2:30ish am when I was on the hunt for crochet patterns. That’s when I came across the blog AuroraGurumi, who offered a few free patterns. And the nerdy girl inside me screamed her head off when she noticed the chubby star pattern, and against my better judgement, I decided to start at that very moment. Of course, in the morning I had to restart since everything had been so horribly sloppy.

After that rough start, things I thought things were going smoothly, until 2/3 of the body done I realized something terrible: my stitch count was off. Instead of two beautiful rows of 60, I only had 53. This road block I solved the best way possible: by IGNORING IT. The other obstacle I had to face was sewing on the arms and legs. This was my first time doing this, and had no clue how. Online resources simply said “sew with a yarn needle.” How? No one would explain how theirs were so perfect! After trial and error, I fastened the limbs on as best I could.

Although I am again extremely happy with my Luma, I learned something I won’t ever forget about reading patterns–ALWAYS look for an estimated size of the project. I had no idea the Luma had intended to be that big, or else I probably would’ve waited, this one took up a lot of time. But indeed good practice. I’ve already got an eye on my next project, I’m just waiting for my new hooks to come in the mail tomorrow! My flu is over, so until some job is feeling risky enough to hire me, and the days I can’t enjoy a good bike ride, or can’t prance around with my social life, crochet will be my main activity–and how exciting it is to me!

Orangie and Luma

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