Entering the Crochet World

Thanks to the flu traveling around this late in the year, for the last five days I’ve been bed ridden with plenty of horrible tasting cough syrpe, bags of Triple Stregnth Halls, and rolls upon rolls of Starbursts. To make matters worse, my mother has quarenteened me in my room, absolutely determined to be the only one in this house hold to not have caught the flu. Without cable and too weak to keep getting up to change DVD’s, Netflix has been my only source of entertainment. A video game is less than pleasurable when you can only concentrate on the screen for 20 minutes before getting dizzy! Thankfully, the day before I caught this horrible sickness I purchased a “Yummy Crochet” kit I found at Barnes & Noble. Image

I’d seen this kit many times, drawn to the clever crocheted cheese burger, cupcake, and donuts on the colorful box. For the past few months I’d accumilated the desire to learn how to crochet, or specifically create “amigurimi” which is the Japanese crochets that just have cuter and usually smaller patterns. This kit was just the boost I needed and sent me off in the right direction. So inbetween naps I’ve been practicing and practicing on learning crochet.

At first I was a little discouraged, as I tend to get with most new things I start. I start thinking “WHY CANT I DO THIS PERFECTLY ALREADY!?!” I have an annoying habit of thinking I can master something new in an hour–irrational, I know. But inbetween naps and cough syrpe doses I managed to get more and more practice in until today I completed my first craft.
Originally intended to be an orange (minus the adorable stem and leaf that is supposed to be on top– my yarn inventory is limited) it came out to be more like a little…cylinderish thing. But actually, I’m pretty saticfied! It took a lot of patience to make this little guy, and now I’m browsing Etsy to find more adorable amigurimi patterns to complete.

If anyone is looking for a new hobby, I highly recommend crochet! Suprisingly fun, addictive, and all the things that you can create are adorable. From clothes, to toys, to accessories, crochet is the new art that’s opened its doors to me, and I’m already running through full speed. It makes being stuck in bed a little longer not so bad!

Anyone else crochet? Tell me what you think!

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