Tupsy Tirvy Drunking Drink (aka A Weekend I Won’t Repeat)

When the world is a Twister mat
right foot green left foot blue
and the pebbles by the bonfire pit
are soft glossy glass
a cushion for my Diana Ross hair
a black weeping willow.

Where your face is in the heavens
and I float on the driveway
I can only nod yes
I will always nod yes to any
liquor font love poem you drop
in my ear because I could follow
you always
I mean it, I do.

When  gravity shifts
dress bottoms up up and away
to that cloth I don’t mind is my Show and Tell
but I follow the sidewalk
strutting my stuff inside the sanctuary
where its batter up and I’m taking my pitch
to that porcelain bowl that I almost missed.

When the world ends
with your mouth and fireflies
are lanterns to light
the laughter smearing the night
the moon at the bottom of my plastic cup
is rising, a beautiful blurry sight.-

The inspiration for this poem, and why I’ve sworn off drinking entirely.

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