Danbo Project

My photography project is finally complete, and with my final right around the corner I’m pretty confident in my work. As stated in an earlier blog, the theme of my work is Danbo, my cute little-movable-paper-robot-based-off-the-Japanese-comic-Yostuba&!-character-costume.

My two models, Danbo and his little friend with the pink flower Sonja, were two very interesting models. THey definatly have their own personalities and likes and dislikes, and somedays they were a pain to work with! But overall they are quite camera hogs, and these 12 photos just document a fraction of their lives. Enjoy!

Sailor Sonja and Son Danbo

Sonja with Easter Bunny

Sonja with Easter Bunny

Sonja and Danbo Climbin Trees

Danbo wants to Play

Playing Dress Up

Hide and Seek

I Picked this for You

Lantern Lite in the Night

Last Cupcake

Monopoly Madness

Sonja’s Flower

Prom 2012

Like them? They are on my Deviant Art page also along with some of my other work.

3 thoughts on “Danbo Project

  1. Oh my gosh I am totally in love with this little guy!! Your photo’s are great too, really expressive 🙂 I am partially trained as a photographer, but I had to drop out due to illness. My passion for it is still there though and I hope to continue training in the future! Although, the college I went to wasn’t very good and all my friends who were doing the course got put off from photography so I am quite glad I left when I did!

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