The Prairie Light Review Publication Party–

–and it was very interesting this year!

PLR 2012 Spring Issue

Each semester College of DuPage produces an issues of its literary magazine the Prarie Light Review. In addition to publishing, there is also a fabulous party celebrating everyone who has their work published, all the staff that created the magazine, all the donors, and in general anyone who has a deep love of art.
This year they have expanded their horizons far past just the open-mic-tables-snacks-and-drinks-the-end routine. This year there was live music, a live artists, live auctions, more food than ever, and an adorably huge cake in the shape of stacked books. A huge drastic change from the first party I attended.

Although I confess, being there was like someone handing me a gigantic lollipop– sweet, familiar, and enjoyable–except every lick had a sour aftertaste. I felt so nostalgic. During the 2010 school year I had been on the PRL (Prairie Light Review) staff, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Due to schedule conflicts and the loss of steady transportation to school, I couldn’t be on the staff this year. Never the less I didn’t let it distract me from having a nice time!

The work performed up at the mic was all beautiful as always, and it was refreshing to see so many new submitters, and the same old submitters who’s work improves over the years. This year an actual song was accepted, and even performed. The live artist performed in the corner of the room, which was a shame because I had to keep cranking my neck back in curiousity, watching his painting quickly jump off the canvas. During intermissions the Carbon Tigers played. They are a smooth Indie band from Chicago, and have made me a loyal fan as of last night.

Other than slightly pouting about how I missed the oppourtunity to help create this wonderful evening, I slouched a little in the audience, wishing I had remembered the deadline date and I had a pretty poem of mine on these small white pages. I’d been published a few times before, and it certianly stroked my ego. Not having something to read this time highly irritated me, I wanted feel a part of the atmosphere: up at the mic, looking out at a room full artists, and share what I could contribute to the world. Thankfully my selfish pouting stopped quick, and again I went to enjoy myself, and it was really nice to see some of my classmates and fellow bloggers go up to the podeium.

At the end of the lovely artfilled evening, I felt so determined to work harder on my poetry, photography, and any other form of art I can show the world, because i love seeing what the art world has to share with me.

2 thoughts on “The Prairie Light Review Publication Party–

  1. Hi – Clare from Engl 2261 here! I think I’m following your blog now. (If I clicked all the right things, that is…) I also wish I had submitted something to PLR this year. My daughter and I are both determined to do so for the Fall 2012 issue.

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