I Want to Marry His Voice

Wanting to marry someone’s voice is an odd thing to say, but tonight I was convinced it was possible and that I indeed wanted to marry someone’s voice and that alone would keep me content if it were the only sound I heard for the rest of my life. Creepy, yes. A little stalker-ish, yes. But an hour ago it all felt so realistic.

Tonight I hung out with my long time friend and his band members at an open mic. The bar, Cairo, was small, cozy, and full of various performers of music and comedy. Among them, my vocal husband to be, Dillon. Dillon, former member of the local band “Dirty Dirty” has such a loud, powerful, soothing voice that only listening to him live could do him justice. Unfortunate for me, I over estimated the power of technology, figuring I could simply “Like” their band’s Facebook page to hear this audio powerhouse that erupted from his stick figure body. Sad news for me, no such page exists. If only I would’ve known earlier, I would’ve recorded a song or two!

Fortunate, I got to see my friend’s band’s leader perform. His band “Dollparts” is also a local band (from where I live anyway) from the city of Naperville. Part of the Indie genre, they pull inspiration from many other musical genres to create a unique, refreshing, and upbeat feel to all their original songs. The only girl and singer of the band is Dana, a talented girl with soul and style like no one else. I love when shes does open mics because it is just her and her red colored acoustic guitar on stage, her solo performances are so lovely and elegant. No, I am not just promoting them because I know them, they are truly great and have quite the following.

Today I find it harder and harder to find good music. And when I say “good” I mean music that moves me with either their amazing and powerful music, lyrics, and voices. I feel weird sometimes to be a 21 year old who gets annoyed listening to the radio. I’m sick of Lady Gaga, Rhianna, Britney Spears, and all the techno, dubstep, rap, and dance that all sound the same and all the same songs are stuck on replay on every single station. More and more I’m on iTunes searching new artists or unpopular bands just to find that refreshing breath of music. More than ever, Indie bands are flooding my iPod. When all else fails, I can always rely on the oldies –they never fail! Does anyone else feel this way??

So I doubt I’ll see my music mate again. Thanks to my social akwardness, I didn’t say a word to him (Dillian), even though I had plenty of chances to when he was sitting at our table chatting away with the Dollpart members. I guess I will give up on a possible vocal marriage, and continue to hope he still goes on to make amazing music with his beautiful chords.

If anyone else is intersted in the Indie genre, or has some refreshing new singers/bands they listen to, what are they?-

Also check out “Dollparts” on FB: http://www.facebook.com/#!/DanaDeStefanoDollparts

(Bad camera phone picture….)

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